OnePlus 5T Review – The Best Budget Phone On The Market


OnePlus is back with the OnePlus 5T, this is an economical phone that’s extremely fast and responsive. The camera on this phone has been improved from that of its predecessor.


OnePlus 5T Review

Pros Cons
  • Mid-Range phone that performs like a flagship phone
  • Facial recognition feature
  • The headphone jack
  • No expandable storage
  • It’s not water resistant
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OnePlus 5T Introduction:


The relatively new Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been gaining popularity with the release of every phone.


The OnePlus 5T (5T) is the 4th phone that the company has produced. However, they have developed a reputation for making great phones and selling them at an affordable price.


With the release of every phone, OnePlus has been slowly improving their phones. The first OnePlus phone the OnePlus One was released in 2014.


This phone has the 801 Snapdragon processor while its successor the OnePlus 2 has the 810 Snapdragon processor both phones have 3GB of RAM.


The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are a bit more responsive than the original OnePlus phone due to the 820 Snapdragon processor. The OnePlus 5 was released a few months ago with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which is an upgrade from the OnePlus 3T.


However, due to the fact that the OnePlus 5T was released roughly 5 months after the OnePlus 5. As a result of this, both phones have the same processor because a newer processor hasn’t been released as yet.


So if both phones have the same processor you’re probably wondering what would be the main selling point for this phone? It’s the display screen, OnePlus has done quite a few things to improve the display screen on the 5T from the display screen of its predecessor.


Most of the major smartphone manufacturers have gotten rid of the headphone jack and replaced it with a USB Type-C and Bluetooth audio.


However, this is something that many smartphone users dislike. So OnePlus has been listening to the consumers and they decided to give them what they want. The 5T has a headphone jack, this is another factor that may draw smartphone users to this phone.


OnePlus 5T Design:


The 5T has a similar look and feel to that of its predecessor. However, the 5T has a 6-inch display screen which is slightly bigger than the 5.5-inch display of the OnePlus 5.


The display screen on the 5T uses up a larger amount of space as a result of this, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back of the phone. Some smartphone users may like this while it may be a bit inconvenient for others.


Big display screens are becoming more common among the major smartphone manufacturers.


OnePlus did a great job fitting a big display screen into a chassis that’s slightly bigger than the display screen. This is a great thing that most smartphone users will appreciate.


The camera bump on the 5T is more noticeable than it is on the OnePlus 5. This is something that most smartphone users will probably dislike. However, it’s not a deal breaker by any means.


The chassis of the 5T is very similar to that of its predecessor they’re both made of aluminum alloy and they have the same antenna lines. However, the chassis of the 5T is slightly bigger.


One of the key factors that make OnePlus stand out from the competition is the fact that they make mid-range phones that look and perform as well as the premium phones.


The main reason OnePlus released the 5T is to provide a phone with a better display screen than that of the OnePlus 5. But will this be enough to get someone to buy this phone?


OnePlus 5T Camera:


The 5T has a dual camera setup located at the back of the phone. However, both cameras are not identical, one camera is a 16MP camera and the other is a 20MP camera.


Both cameras have a 27.22mm focal length and an aperture of f/1.7 which allows the 5T to take better photos in a darker setting than that of its predecessor.


The 16MP camera at the back of the phone is identical to the camera on the OnePlus 5. But the 20MP camera is no longer a telephoto camera. This camera was made to work in conjunction with the main camera.


OnePlus claims that this change improves the quality of photos taken with the 5T in a darker setting. When taking photos in a dark setting the 5T will automatically switch to this camera when the lighting goes below 10 lux.


The 5T uses OnePlus’s Intelligent Pixel Technology this merges four pixels into one which improves clarity and reduces noise and blurring.


OnePlus did a great job with the cameras on this phone because it takes better photos in low light conditions than its predecessor.


The 5T also has the 2X zoom function which is on the OnePlus 5. However, it works a bit different. In a well-lit setting, if you tap the 1x button the display screen will change to the 2x mode. But the picture quality is slightly diminished when you use this feature.


OnePlus has refined the look and feel of the camera app on the 5T. This camera app is more simple and user-friendly than the camera app on the OnePlus 5.


You can swipe down in Pro Mode to access quick settings, and swipe up to access mode select. To access portrait mode you can swipe from right to left, to access video mode you can swipe from left to right.


This is great because it makes it easy to do these things when holding the phone with one hand. The Portrait mode feature has also been improved on the 5T.


In Portrait mode on the 5T, the camera does a better job focusing on the subject and capturing more details while blurring the background. This is often referred to as the bokeh effect in photography.


Avid photographers will have more control when using Pro Mode, the following settings can be modified in Pro Mode:

  • Shutter speed
  • Focus Settings
  • Brightness Settings
  • ISO
  • White Balance


Photos can also be taken by long-pressing the fingerprint sensor located at the back of the phone. This is a convenient new feature that many 5T users will appreciate.


The selfie camera on the 5T is identical to the selfie camera on the OnePlus 5. However, there’s a screen flash feature which was implemented to help you take brighter pictures in darker settings.


The 5T takes great pictures that look extremely natural. Whether taking photos in a well-lit setting or a darker setting the 5T does a great job. But photos taken with the 5T are not as sharp as photos taken with the Google Pixel 2.


The 5T can record 4K video at 30fps, 1080p videos at 60fps, and it can also record 720p slow-motion videos at 120fps.


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