Night Mode On iPhone (Everything You Should Know)


In this blog post, I will explain the benefits of a new feature called Night Mode on iPhone. The latest iPhone models have a feature called Night Mode, this feature enables you to take great high-quality photos when you have less than ideal lighting conditions.


Night Mode On iPhone


Night Mode gives you the ability to take great photos at night, or in a darker setting. This was not possible on an iPhone before the implementation of this feature.


This is possible as a result of new hardware and new machine learning algorithms. Night Mode does a great job of brightening the photos while maintaining the look and feel of a darker setting.


Night Mode does a great job of balancing the bright and dark elements of a photo.


Android smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Google have implemented special modes for taking great photos at night for quite some time now.


However, with the release of the iPhones in 2019, Apple has significantly improved the quality of photos at night with the Night Mode feature.


Apple has finally caught up with Samsung and Google in this area.

What Is Night Mode On iPhone?


Night Mode is a new feature that works in conjunction with the iPhone’s new wide-angle-camera to allow more light into the photos. This results in brighter photos in low light conditions. This feature is on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.


Night Mode relies on the new sensor in conjunction with machine learning and Apple’s Neural Engine in the A13 processor to create amazing low light photos.


When Night Mode is used, the cameras in the iPhone will analyze the amount of light that’s available in its surroundings then the iPhone will choose the number of frames necessary to create a great photo.


At this point, the camera will take a variety of photos for a set amount of time. The photos will be taken at different exposures. Some photos with short exposures and some with long exposures.


This makes it possible for the iPhone to get the best parts of the scene and highlight what is important.


You must hold the iPhone steady when shooting photos in Night Mode. However, the camera also has optical image stabilization to assist you if you shake as you taking photos.


After the set amount of time is up, the AI in the camera will analyze every photo that was taken and it will remove the photos that it considers to be of poor quality.


Then it will combine the best photos and Apple’s software algorithms will eliminate noise, adjust the color and preserve the details. The end result is an amazing high-quality photo.


Taking multiple photos and combining them gives Night Mode the ability to take brighter photos, this would not be possible with a single photo.


Thus the reason why you can see significantly more details than you would normally see in a darker setting.


All of the image processing takes place behind the scenes before you get the final photo.


Night Mode’s Time Intervals:


The AI in the iPhones that feature Night Mode will analyze the lighting conditions and choose the appropriate interval for Night Mode.


This is normally between 1 to 5 seconds but it can be as long as 30 seconds this varies depending on how steady the iPhone is and the amount of ambient light that’s available in the environment.


In the camera interface, there’s a moon icon at the top, if you tap it, you will get into the Night Mode settings.


In the Night Mode settings, you can change the recommended interval and make it longer if you would like you.


Doing this will modify the look and feel of the final photo that you receive. The darker the subject of the photo, the longer the time period options offered by your iPhone will be.


The default shot length is calculated using a number of factors that will normally result in a great high-quality photo in a darker setting.


However, if you’re unhappy with the final photo that you received. Then you should experiment with different time intervals to alter the look of the photo. This will help you to get the ideal photo that looks exactly the way you want it to.


How To Get The Best Night Mode Photos:


Night Mode takes a variety of photos, it’s very similar to a long exposure photo. As a result of this, most of the techniques used for long exposures can also be used for Night Mode as well.


The iPhone cameras come equipped with optical image stabilization and software to reduce the blur. However, to get the absolute best photos in Night Mode, you should consider using a tripod.


Using a tripod guarantees that the iPhone will not shake while capturing the necessary photos for a Night Mode shot.


A tripod isn’t a necessity here, however, when the iPhone is stable and the AI software detects that it’s not shaking it will provide longer exposure times than you can get if you were holding the iPhone in your hands, this results in a better photo.


If you would like to get a 30 seconds Night Mode shot of a subject in a darker setting, you will need a tripod to achieve this.


It’s important to hold the iPhone steady when shooting photos in Night Mode because when photos are shot with shorter time intervals blurry photos may occur.


So if you don’t have a tripod it’s very important to hold the iPhone as steady as possible when shooting photos.


To get the best photos in Night Mode, the subject should be completely stationary.


This is important because the iPhone takes multiple photos and merges them together to form one photo.


So if the subject is moving, it will negatively affect the quality of the photo you receive. Nevertheless, you can get some good night time portraits if the subject is moving.


Night Mode will not work well for every photo because there are certain situations when the ambient light may be a strange color.


This will result in some intense colors that look extremely unnatural. However, if you follow the best practices mentioned above, most of the photos you capture in Night Mode will be great photos.


How To Turn Night Mode On And Off:


Night Mode will automatically turn on when the lighting conditions are appropriate. To turn the Night Mode feature off, you must tap on the moon icon at the top of the Camera app.


This will give you access to the Night Mode settings which has the Night Mode slider. You must slide the slider to the far left to turn off the feature.


There is no way to permanently disable Night Mode so it must be turned off on a photo by photo basis because it was designed to turn on automatically.


Now you know just about everything there is to know about Night Mode but if you have any comments or questions about any of this information. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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