The Next iPhone May Have A Facial Recognition Feature


The next iPhone may include a facial recognition feature. This information comes from a research note which was recently distributed to clients by Cowen and Company.

The Next iPhone


The Next iPhone May Have Augmented Reality:


The research note includes information about Apple’s next iPhone which is expected to launch in September. Here’s a direct quote which was written by Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri:


“Other features appear to include some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera and, as expected, should also finally include wireless charging,”


Apple purchased Primesense in 2013, this is an infrared sensor company. There are no serious rumors regarding a new type of depth sensor in the next iPhone. However, it makes sense for Apple to do this because a new type of sensor would be necessary for Apple to add augmented reality features to the next iPhone.


In the past year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly spoken several times about Apple’s interest in implementing augmented reality technology.


Apple is integrating this technology into the iPhone’s camera, and faces are one of the first things it should be able to recognize, Business Insider previously reported.


Based on information that Arcuri has acquired here are some of the specs that we can expect to see in the next iPhone:


A feature-rich launch with three variants — a new 5.8-inch iPhone in addition to existing 4.7- and 5.5-inch variants. The 5.8-inch iPhone will have an OLED display screen, which uses less power and produces deeper blacks.


The 5.8-inch variant will have a “wraparound” design and will integrate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the glass and in the active display area.


Arcuri stated that he believes the new iPhone may be called the “iPhone 10” or “iPhone X.” And he believes that the new iPhone may entice many of the current iPhone users to upgrade.



  1. Hi Marvin,

    It’s funny how Apple “innovates” their iPhone ever since the absence of Steve Jobs. They change models so fast now they are running out of “brilliant ideas” for its iPhone upgrades.

    I have started using iPhone since iPhone 4 and have stopped my interest until 6s. I am still using 6s until now although I am always keen on what the next iPhone will have.

    What do you think is the laser sensor for?

    • Hi Pitin,

      Thanks for the feedback, I agree with you 100{4e00ece13e2b02890f5a6026c7361cc7def9c5809a46332fda610a80d11c2762} I think Apple has been more ambitious in the absence of Steve Jobs. The laser sensor will be a necessity in order to have the facial recognition feature.


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