How To Avoid The iPhone Bug That May Ruin Your iPhone


If you’re an iPhone user you should be cautious when opening unknown videos because there’s an iPhone bug that’s been infecting iPhones. There’s a five-second video that’s been circulating the internet, whenever it’s opened on an iPhone it makes the phone crash.


iPhone 7 Leak


When you start playing the video, everything seems fine at first. You will be able to exit the video and open other apps. However, the video starts to loop in the background.


Within a minute after the video has been completed the iPhone bug will make its presence felt. The iPhone will start running considerably slower and it will eventually crash.

Fixing The Problem After You’ve Watched The Video:


If you accidentally watched the video and your iPhone has crashed, you will be able to fix the problem by doing a hard reset.


To perform a hard reset, you must press and hold down the home and power buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Then you must release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.


To perform a hard reset on an iPhone 7 you must press and hold down the power and volume decrease buttons. Once the Apple logo appears you should release the buttons and your iPhone should start normally.


iPhone Bug Has No Long-Term Effect On The iPhone:


After the phone has been reset all the data that was present on the phone at the time the phone crashed will be present. The iPhone bug does not have a long-term effect on the phone. However, it’s always a bit inconvenient whenever you have to perform a hard reset.


How To Protect Your iPhone From The iPhone Bug:


Apple does a great job of fixing bugs whenever they arise. However, if you’re an iPhone user you should be extremely cautious until this bug gets fixed. If you receive an unsolicited link from a video that you do not recognize you should probably avoid clicking it.



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