Moto G6 Review – A Great Budget Phone


Motorola has developed a reputation with its G series for making good phones and selling them at affordable prices. Motorola continues that trend with the Moto G6, in this in-depth Moto G6 review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this phone.


Moto G6 Review

  • Beautiful display screen
  • Nice premium design
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Camera is a little slow

Moto G6 Introduction:


Phones in the Motorola G series have become extremely popular since the first phone was released in 2013.


The Motorola G phones are ideal for people who are on a budget who aren’t interested in purchasing the expensive flagship phones¬†with all the latest bells and whistles.


Motorola’s intention with the G series is to offer certain features and functionalities that you would normally find on premium phones and put them in the Moto G phones which are significantly cheaper.


A Moto G phone will not provide the same user experience as that of a premium high-end phone.


However, it will give you the ability to experience some high-end features without breaking the bank.


For example, the Moto G6 is the first phone in the Moto G series to feature a display screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9.


This means that the display screen is thin and tall, this is something you would normally find on a premium phone.


The display screen isn’t the only high-end feature on the phone. The Moto G6 also has fast charging capabilities and a dual-camera setup located at the back of the phone.


There are additional premium features on the phone as well, I will tell you what they are later on in this review.


If you’re on a tight budget and you’re thinking about getting an economical phone with some decent features.


This may be the phone for you but, let me tell you a bit more about all the features that this phone possesses before you make that decision.


Display Screen And Design:


Moto G6 Display Screen


The display screen and the design on the Moto G6 have been significantly improved from that of its predecessor the Moto G5S.


The phone has a 5.7-inch IPS LCD display screen with an 18:19 aspect ratio with 424ppi with a resolution of 2160 x 1080px. This display screen is bright and clear.


The display screen will automatically optimize the brightness level on your phone based on the amount of light that’s around you.


However, you may have to wait a few minutes for the adjustment the happen.


The phone also features a 3D glass back design with rounded corners. The display screen has a Full HD+ resolution.


Because the phone has a taller display screen the resolution will be slightly higher in comparison to some of the other Full HD phones on the market.


The Moto G6 is an economical phone so the display screen does not look as attractive as the display screens on premium phones.


However, it looks fine considering the price of the phone, the display screen looks great when viewing it from different angles.


The display screen is nice but it’s a little difficult to see it in direct sunlight. This may be due to the IPS LCD display screen in comparison to an AMOLED display screen.


The taller display screen is great because it gives the phone a little bit of a premium look and feel to it without making it as big as a phablet.


This is great because most smartphone users will be able to easily handle the Moto G6 with one hand.


The 3D glass on the back panel has a nice glossy look to it which makes it look like a premium phone. However, the back panel has a tendency to collect lots of fingerprints.


The Moto G6 has four color variants which are:

  1. Indigo Blue
  2. Silver
  3. Rose Gold
  4. Black


The Edges of the Moto G6 are curved on the back of the phone this is very similar to what you will find on some premium phones.


The Moto G6 does not have an official IP rating but Motorola claims that it’s splash-proof.


You should not submerge this phone in water because it’s not waterproof so doing this may ruin the phone.


On the bottom edge of the phone, there’s a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


It was nice of Motorola to retain the headphone jack because this is something that many smartphone users truly appreciate.


I’m surprised that Motorola kept the headphone jack for this phone because it has been removed from Motorola’s premium phones.


The Moto G6 has also retained the fingerprint scanner. It’s located on the front of the phone below the display screen.


The fingerprint scanner is small, it’s fast and responsive when using it to unlock the phone.




The Moto G6 comes equipped with a dual-camera setup located at the back of the phone.


There’s a 12MP camera which has an aperture of f/1.8 and a 5MP camera which has an aperture of f/2.2. The second camera is used primarily when you’re taking photos in Portrait mode.


The dual-camera setup on this phone will not take the most amazing photos that you’ve ever seen from a smartphone.


However, it does well in comparison to the other budget phones and some of the mid-range phones that are currently on the market.


The dual-camera setup on this phone is not as robust as that of a premium phone.


When taking photos with this phone when the shutter button is pressed the photo isn’t taken instantly. Sometimes you have to wait a few seconds, this can be frustrating.


As long as you’re not taking photos of a moving object this should not be a problem.


The Moto G6 has a few different camera modes, Portrait mode is my favorite one.


When using Portrait mode you can focus on the subject while applying three different effects to the photos.


You have the ability to make part of the photo black and white, blur the background, or do a cutout of the foreground.


When shooting photos in Portrait mode the phone will automatically focus on what it thinks is the subject.


Sometimes this is a problem because the phone will focus on something that’s not the subject.


So you may have to do this a few times before the phone gets it right.


Nevertheless, you can take some good photos in Portrait mode with the phone that you normally would not be able to take on other budget phones.


The Moto G6 also has image recognition software which gives you the ability to shoot photos of landmarks or objects that you see and give you information about them in real-time.


This feature is similar to Bixby vision that’s on some of the premium Samsung phones. However, the Moto G6’s image recognition software is not as powerful.


When shooting photos in a well-lit setting with this phone, the photo quality is okay. But when taking photos in a darker setting the photo quality is not very good.


Selfie Camera:


The selfie camera is an 8MP camera which does a decent job when taking selfies. The selfies taken with this phone are not comparable to that of a premium phone.


If you would like to squeeze a group of friends into a selfie there’s a mode called Group Selfie that gives you the ability to do this.


The Group Selfie feature works in a similar manner to the panorama mode that you will find on most smartphones.


It seems as though the Group Selfie feature is Motorola’s way of compensating for the lack of a wide-angle camera on this phone.


Recording Video:


On the Moto G6 you have the ability to record 1080p video on the primary camera at the back of the phone.


The video quality is okay but it’s not the best by any means. You also have the ability to capture slow-mo video at 60fps.


Battery Life:


The Moto G6 comes equipped with a 3000mAh non-removable battery. Battery life on the Moto G phones have never been great and Motorola continues that trend with the Moto G6.


Even though the back panel of the phone is made of glass this phone does not have wireless charging capabilities.


This is probably due to the fact that this phone is a budget phone and adding wireless charging capabilities would make it more expensive.


Even with low usage, the battery on this phone will not last for more than one day. I guess that’s common for a budget phone such as the Moto G6.


Nevertheless, you can charge the phone by plugging in the USB-C cable at the bottom of the phone.


However, you can also use Motorola’s Turbopower Charging feature. This is Motorola’s fast charging which means that if you use the official charging brick.


You can charge the phone for half an hour and get hours of usage out of the phone as a result of this.


The Turbopower Charging feature works well so charging the phone should not be a problem.


The absence of wireless charging on this phone is understandable and it’s not a dealbreaker by any means.


My Final Thought:


The Moto G6 may not have the best battery life and the cameras may not be the best. However, you must remember that it’s a budget phone.


The design and the display screen are the main selling points for this phone. This phone offers much more value than the other phones on the market in its price range.


If you’re thinking about buying a new phone, I hope this Moto G6 review was helpful.


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