Mobile Mining Is Convenient – But Is It Profitable?


The term mobile mining is relatively new, in the past, when people spoke of mining. They were probably referring to the process of extracting valuable minerals from the earth. This is an extremely costly procedure.


Mobile Mining Electroneum
Mobile Mining Electroneum


However, mobile mining is completely different, this is a type of mining that can be done on your phone via Android bitcoin miner apps.

Mobile Mining Can Only Be Done On Android Phones:


Apple banned cryptocurrency mining on iPhones and iPads in May 2018. However, there are still some mining apps available in the Apple App Store.


But their payoffs are low and these apps are not comparable to the apps that are offered on Android Phones.


Android users have a wide variety of mining apps to choose from. But I will tell you about two of the best Android mining apps that are currently available.


DroidMiner BTC/LTC/DOGE Miner:


DroidMiner BTC/LTC/DOGE Miner is one of the best mobile mining apps, this app has the ability to mine all cryptocurrencies that use Scrypt or SHA-256.


This is a paid app, but the good news is, it will only cost you $0.99, this app has 10,000+ installs.


Quite a few people who have heavily used this app have claimed that it has a tendency to drain the battery of their devices.


So if you plan on using this app for an extended period of time, make sure you have your charger nearby just in case the app drains your battery quickly.




Electroneum is another great mobile mining app, many people consider this to be better than DroidMiner BTC/LTC/DOGE Miner.


This is a free app which has 500,000+ installs. Electroneum was the first program to launch its own mobile mining app.


With this app, you have the ability to mine as high as 50 h/s. But hashrates can drop to as low as 30 h/s. However, the app does not confirm new blocks on the blockchain.

Instead, the users mine through the mining app.


How Much Does Mobile Mining Cost?


Mining on your phone is not as costly as traditional mining. However, if you’re thinking about getting into mobile mining you must think about the potential cost.


You will have to buy a phone or a tablet if you don’t already have one.


Some people who have spent quite a bit of time mining claimed that it has destroyed their phones. This is due to the amount of power required to run the app.


Mining consumes a significant amount of energy. As a result of this, you will most likely be charging your phone more often when you’re mining.


What Are Some Of The Benefits?


One of the best things about mining on your phone is the fact that the amount of money you spend upfront isn’t very high.


Mining via Electroneum is great but only if the value per ETN significantly rises at a later time.


Mobile mining is not the most efficient method to earn cryptocurrency by any means.


There’s a strong possibility that we will have some technological advancements in phones and tablets in the future that will make this more efficient.


However, it’s highly unlikely that mobile mining will ever be comparable to traditional mining.



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