Microsoft Surface Phone Latest News And Rumors


It seems as though Microsoft has had a tough time finding the appropriate smartphone to run the Windows operating system. However rumor has it that Microsoft has been working very hard to create the ideal smartphone for their Windows 10 operating system, this phone will be known as the Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone


The Microsoft Surface Phone will come equipped with 8GB of Ram and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU, these claims are all based on a Windows 10 compatibility listing which is found on Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements page, on this page, there is a list of compatible chipsets for Windows 10.


Microsoft thought they had acquired the right smartphone for the Windows operating system after they had purchased the Lumia smartphones.


However, the sales of the Lumia smartphone have been less than spectacular which forced Microsoft to pull certain models from production after the failure of the Lumia 950.


According to an article written on Panos Panay and his team has been working on the Microsoft Surface Phone, this is the team that made the Surface Tablet.


Three different versions of the Surface Phone will be released which will include, consumer, business, and prosumer/enthusiast.


Microsoft was initially planning to release the Surface Phone in May 2016. However, the release date has been changed partially due to the failure of the Lumia 950, and the new release date is reportedly early in 2017.


The Surface Phone is expected to be a high end, highly sophisticated phone which will come with a hefty price tag.


According to a recent article on Microsoft had initially been working on an all-metal Surface Phone. This was supposed to be the device that was expected to be released in May.


However, some insiders suspect that Microsoft decided to modify the phone a bit before it’s release and the Surface Phone most likely will not have a metal chassis when it is released.


The surface tablet is a well-built device and it has performed very well for Microsoft. We should expect nothing less of the Surface Phone when it arrives because it’s the same team that’s making it.


There have been rumors circulating that the phone will have a kickstand which will allow it to stand on its own similar to the Surface tablet.


Since there will be three different versions of the Surface Phone there will most likely be a selection of sizes to choose from.


The consumer is rumored to be between five and six inches and will have a 5.7-inch LCD screen. The business and prosumer will most likely come with larger screens.


Intel has also been working with Microsoft on the Surface phone. This will probably be the most sophisticated chipset that Intl has ever made for a smartphone. The Surface Phone is expected to feature a chipset with x86 CPU which will probably allow the phone to carry support for Win32 apps.


It’s still unclear to the general public as to whether Intel is creating a new chipset specifically for Microsoft to run the Surface Phone. However, the user will have the ability to use this phone as a PC as a result of Continuum.


Continuum is a gadget that was developed by Windows which allows the user to plug the phone into a monitor and keyboard and use it’s like a computer.


The Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to provide a great user experience which will be unlike any phone you have ever used before hence the addition of Continuum. Please let me know what you think about the Microsoft Surface Phone in the comment box below.



  1. The microsoft surface always played second fiddle to the ipad for me but I found your site interesting and maybe I would be interested in the microsoft surface now. These things sure look cool and seems like they can do some pretty cool stuff. I didn’t realize it had all the features it does until reading your article, so thank you for that!

    • Thanks for the feedback Blake, the ipad is great Apple has a reputation for making good products. However, the Microsoft Surface Phone has Continuum, which will probably make it stand out from it’s competition, I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. I am a loyal user of Samsung. To be honest I am not even aware of Microsoft launching its own series of smartphone. The only thing here that would be of interest to me is the application of Continuum which could be one of its key differentiator from other competing models.

    • Thanks for the feedback Kenny, Samsung has a great line of smartphones on the market but sometimes you need to look outside of the box, you never know if there’s something else out there that you may like. I agree with you I think the Continuum will definitely set the Microsoft Surface Phone apart from is competition.


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