Meizu Has Announced The Meizu Zero A Portless Smartphone


Meizu is one of the lesser-known Chinese smartphone manufacturers that have been around for many years.


meizu zero


However, Meizu has recently announced the Meizu Zero which they referred to as a “radical phone”.


The Meizu Zero will not have any ports, buttons, or speakers, the top smartphone manufacturers have ditched the standard 3.5 mm audio jack on the majority of their smartphones.


However, Meizu has gone a step further by removing all the physical buttons on the phone. The Meizu Zero will not have a SIM card slot nor a charging port or a speaker grill cutout.


In the past Vivo was expected to be the first smartphone manufacturer to release a phone without ports.


However, that didn’t happen and Meizu became the first smartphone manufacturer to do this.


The Meizu Zero comes equipped with capacitive touch buttons. These are virtual buttons which use haptic feedback to let you know when a button has been pressed.


This is very similar to the virtual buttons on the HTC U12 plus which uses haptic feedback.


The Meizu Zero emits sound using the “mSound¬†2.0” technology which gives it the ability to function as a speaker.


There’s a virtual fingerprint sensor which is located within the display screen.


Located at the edges of the phone, you will find the virtual power button as well as the virtual volume button.


The standard USB port for charging the phone has been replaced with an 18 Watt fast wireless charging system.


The SIM card slot has been replaced with eSIM technology, this means that a small SIM card is embedded within the phone.


The Meizu comes equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. A 5.99-inch AMOLED display screen, 20 MP + 12 MP dual-camera setup which is located at the back of the phone.


The selfie camera is a 20 MP camera, rumor has it that the Meizu Zero may be introduced at the MWC 2019.



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