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LG G6 Review – A Phone With An Innovative Display Screen



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The LG G5 was released in 2016, this is a unique, innovative phone with modular capabilities that was supposed to take the LG smartphone brand to new heights.


On paper it seemed like a great idea, personally, I do not think the G5 was a bad phone at all. However, it was not accepted very well by the general public and after less than spectacular sales, it was considered a financial failure.


Needless to say, 2016 was not a very good year for the LG smartphone brand. The release of the LG G6 is coming at a crucial time for LG because it’s important for LG to regain their prominent position in the smartphone industry.


The G6 is a bigger phone than the G5, it’s taller and wider the display screen on the G6 is a 5.7in display screen. Despite the size of the phone it’s actually comfortable to hold it and use it in one hand.


The G6 did not retain the modular capabilities of the G5, I think that was a great decision on the part of LG.


LG G6 Hardware And Design:


As I stated earlier the G6 is a bigger phone than that of its predecessor and it has an 18:9 display screen which is bigger than the traditional 16:9 display screen. The G6 has a 5.7in Quad HD display screen that looks absolutely stunning.


The G6 has an aluminum frame with Corning Gorilla Glass on the front and back. It has a more refined look and feel to it than that of the G5.


The phone is completely water resistant and it has dual cameras located at the back along with the fingerprint scanner which is also the power button. The fingerprint scanner sits flush with the back panel of the phone. Located at the bottom edge of the phone you will find the USB-C port, a mic, and a speaker.


The volume rocker is located at the left edge and the right edge houses the SIM tray. The top edge has a 3.5mm headphone jack, smartphone users who enjoy using headphones will appreciate this.


The G6 has thin bezels, rounded corners, and a big display screen. The phone comes in black, white, and platinum, the black and white variants of the phone collects lots of fingerprints on the back panel. However, the platinum variant does not collect fingerprints.


LG stated that they have done extensive customer research before making the G6. Based on the data LG collected in the research they decided that the consumers would like a phone with a big screen that they can comfortably hold and use with one hand. This may be easier for some people to do than it is for others, but I guess it all depends on the size of your hands.


The G6 may be a big phone with a big display screen but it will still fit in your pocket. LG did a great job with the design of the G6.


LG G6 Processor:


Many smartphone enthusiasts question LG’s decision to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the latest processor which is the 835. The 821 processor seems a bit outdated, however, LG told in an interview that the 821 processor is in its third generation.


LG stated that they have more expertise on how to optimize the user experience with the 821 processor and using the 835 would not have brought any noticeable advantages. Many people would disagree with that statement because whenever someone purchases a premium phone they expect it to have the latest hardware and software.


The G6 performs well when multitasking when switching from one application to the other there was absolutely no lag. This phone is extremely fast and responsive. Even though the phone performs well with the 821 processor it makes me wonder how much better it would have been if it had the 835 processor.


LG G6 Display Screen:


As I stated earlier the display screen is a 5.7in Quad HD display screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, it’s an extremely attractive display screen. The display screen on most of the other smartphones are 16:9 ratio. However, LG opted for an 18:9 ratio instead (2:1) this gives them the ability to have a taller display screen in a smaller body.


The display screen on the G5 is a 5.3in that’s quite a difference from the size of the display screen on the G6. However, the frame of the G6 is bigger but not that much bigger.


So the display screen is stretched and it has a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels but it’s not an AMOLED screen. However, it has rich, vibrant colors and deep blacks. The G6 is the first phone with Dolby Vision support.


LG G6 Cameras:


LG G6 Back


The camera setup on the G6 is quite impressive, the G6 retained the dual camera setup from its predecessor. This was a wise decision on LG’s part, there are two 13MP cameras located at the back of the phone. You can get a 125-degree angle on the camera due to the wide-angle lens. The cameras have optical image stabilization.


LG stated that they found an algorithm which allows the user to zoom smoothly and seamlessly between two cameras. However, when I tested this feature, there was a slight jerk as the zoom switched from one lens to the other.


The cameras are capable of recording up to 60fps at full HD quality, and 30fps when recording in ultra HD. The HDR support is not for video, it’s only for still images.


The overall picture quality is excellent on the G6. I enjoy the wide-angle lens option because I think it’s great on this phone. The simplicity of the Auto mode makes it easy for you to switch between Auto Mode and Manual Mode.


The camera works really well when taking macro shots, average smartphone users may not be interested in using the manual mode. However, if they decide to they will realize that it’s setup in a way that’s easy to understand.


LG G6 Square Camera Mode:


The Square Camera Mode is one of the main selling points of this phone. When using this mode the camera will take Instagram-friendly pictures. Upon accessing the Square Camera Mode there will be four shooting options: Snap, Grid, Guide and Match. Now I will explain what they all do.


Snap this option will split the display screen in half and after you’ve taken a picture you will be able to see a preview immediately on half of the screen. But the second half of the screen will stay a viewfinder, so it’s ready to take more pictures. This is a great feature that will allow you to get the perfect shot that you’re looking for.


Grid is an option that gives you the ability to create a four image grid of pictures, this is a simple user-friendly option.


Guide is one of the more complicated options, with this option you can choose an image from your photo gallery which will act as a ghosted guide image which will overlay in the viewfinder to compose another picture. It will take a bit of practice to be able to use this option effectively.


Match is slightly similar to Grid because it will capture two images exactly the same way it works in Grid. However, it combines a vapour trail with candyfloss to create a trick image. This option is a bit difficult to use and it’s even more difficult to get a great shot.


These options were implemented to appeal to smartphone users who enjoy taking pictures and sharing them on Instagram.


LG G6 Storage:


There are three different versions of the G6, the Korean version, the U.S. version, and the European version. The G6 comes equipped with 4GB of RAM. The US version and the European version of the G6 have 32GB of storage and a micro SD card slot for expansion up to 2TB.


Wireless charging capabilities are exclusive to the U.S version of the G6. This is a feature that everyone would like to have on their phone so I’m not sure why it was excluded from the European and Korean versions. LG stated the differences between the different variations were based on regional marketing decisions.


There will also be a dual-SIM version of the G6 sometime in the near future. LG claims that the G6 is the first smartphone to support Dolby Vision and HDR 10.


This means that this is the first smartphone that can support the high audio-visual standards which are normally associated with high-end televisions.


LG G6 Software:


The G6 runs on the Android Nougat 7.0 operating system. LG’s UI screen overlay will take a little while for you to adapt to it if you’re used to Stock Android. However, you have the option of choosing between a collection of folders which was inspired by iOS. Or you can also choose the traditional app drawer.


The software on the G6 is a bit more refined from the software on the G5. This was a necessity to ensure that everything would be functional on the taller 18:9 display screen. LG’s apps such as calendar, messaging and whether have been redesigned to accommodate the taller display screen.


The camera software has also been redesigned to make better use of the extra space on the screen. When you’re taking landscape photos, you will get a camera roll of the last few photos that you have taken. Instead of a small thumbnail of the last photo that you took.


You have the option to choose whether or not you would like to display the apps iOS style on the home screen or store them in the app tray.


LG G6 Battery Life:


The G6 comes with a 3,300mAh non-removable battery. Many people would prefer to have a phone with a removable battery so they can change it if/when it stops holding charge at a later time. The battery on the G6 will last for roughly one day of moderate use, this is average.


The G6 comes with Wireless charging even though this is a great feature Wireless charging is a bit slower than fast charging with the use of a cable.


My Final Thought:


LG did a great job with the G6, this is a premium smartphone with a big, attractive display screen that will appeal to the masses of smartphone users. At the time this review was written the LG G6 was available at for US $718.


The 9:18 display screen will work well for you if you’re someone who enjoys taking photos, playing video games, and watching videos on your phone, you will love the LG G6.




  • Battery Life8
  • Camera10
  • Software8
  • Hardware7
  • 9
  • 8.4


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8 thoughts on “LG G6 Review – A Phone With An Innovative Display Screen

  1. Adele Stackhouse

    Just bought this phone and already I see no magnificent revelatios from any other smart phone on the market. I am not impressed. The only feature I see of good report is the camera. That is really what this item has to boast about. It will, however, take some getting used to. I did enjoy the LGG Flex1 and Lgg Flex2. I am a loyale user of lg products. So we shall see how it remains to impress and old finnicky users like me.

  2. James Harvey

    I’ve had my eyes on this phone for some time now. I just needed a good well-written review of it before I made a buying decision. This told me everything I needed to know and I want to thank you for it. I will be sure to share it on all of my social media platforms.

  3. Tom

    Thanks for the review of the LG G6! I have been contemplating getting a new phone for a while. I have considered the LG, but I’m not really sure it is for me.
    I am a samsung user, and feel somewhat spoiled by the fantastic quality and reliability I have had with Samsung products.

    The recent problems Samsung had with the S7 series has scared me though so I am considering other options.

    We spend so much money on these smartphones these days. It is important to get a good value.

    Thanks again for your article! It does help me with this decision.


  4. Asma Harshi

    Smart Move LG G6.. Dolby Vision is one or the highest image quality standards in cinemas. They’re not cheap to make, each screen uses two 4K laser-light projectors, rather than bog standard DLP, but with high brightness and 12-bit HDR color they look superb.

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