T-Mobile Has Stopped The LG G6 BOGO Deal In The US


LG G6A few days ago LG and T-Mobile announced a special promotion which was supposed to start on May 10 and end on June 8. This special promotion would have allowed customers to buy one LG G6 at full price while receiving another one for free.


Upon purchasing the phones the customer would have to pay for both phones. However, LG would send a rebate of $500 via electronic check by email within six weeks.


This BOGO deal was short-lived, T-Mobile has called a halt to this special promotion shortly after it started. T-Mobile issued a document which was addressed to T-Mobile store reps stating that the special promotion for the LG G6 has been canceled and they will no longer honor it.


T-Mobile has not given a reason as to why the BOGO deal was canceled. This seemed like a great idea for LG to entice people to buy the LG G6 and a great opportunity to gain some new loyal customers in the process.


Maybe T-Mobile and LG will realize that it was a bad idea to cancel this deal and they will offer a similar promotion in the near future.



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