LG 360 VR Review – Poor Design And Functionality


The LG 360 VR is a virtual reality goggles that was made as a module to work in conjunction with the LG G5 smartphone. The LG 360 VR is supposed to give the user a virtual reality experience that’s unlike anything they have ever experienced before. But does it actually live up to those expectations?

LG 360 VR Review

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In this blog post, I will answer that very question, and I will discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of this device.


Some of the other LG modules that were released to work with the LG G5 are also compatible with other smartphones.


However, the LG 360 VR was made to work exclusively with the LG G5 and it will not work with any other smartphone on the market.


There are quite a few different virtual reality headsets on the market today, and it seems as though the virtual reality technology is rapidly increasing in popularity.


I believe that the release of the LG 360 VR was a strategy that LG used to market their LG G5 smartphone and to bridge the gap between smartphones and virtual reality.


LG 360 VR Design:

LG 360 VR back

The 360 VR has a unique look that distinguishes it from the other VR headsets on the market.


Being unique is usually a good quality but only if there’s some innovation involved. However, that’s not the case with the LG 360 VR, this headset does not look like a high-quality premium device.


The LG 360 VR looks more like a cheap, low quality, retro device. The arms of the 360 VR are made of a flexible plastic which is similar to what you would find on a pair of sun glasses.


The entire device weighs 116g which is a bit less than the VR goggles from its main competitor Samsung which weighs 310g.


The 360 VR weighs less mainly because you do not have to dock your smartphone into the headset.


Due to the fact that the 360 VR headset is lighter and you do not have to strap it into place this makes it a bit more comfortable than the other VR headsets, and this will probably make it more appealing to a certain demographic.


However, there’s much more to consider when choosing a headset than the weight and the way it fits you.


At the top of the visor you will find the back button and the OK button, these buttons provide an alternative way to control the headset instead of using the screen on your smartphone.


The USB Type-C cable is located directly below these buttons, because the 360 VR uses the USB Type-C port from the LG G5 this means that you will not be able to use the headset while charging the smartphone.


You will need to buy your headphones separately because LG does not provide any headphones with the VR headset.


There is a 3.5mm jack located at the bottom left of the visor for the headphones. However, you can also plug the headphones into the smartphone instead if you prefer to do so.


The headset has two adjustable lenses which comes with adjustable lens covers which can be adjusted to line up with your eyes.


How To Use The LG 360 VR:


To use the 360 VR you must download the following applications to your smartphone, the 360 VR Manager, LG Friends Manager, and VR Channel.


After you have installed these applications on your phone you must plug your headset into the USB Type C port which is located at the bottom of the LG G5.


The screen of the 360 VR will automatically turn on when you put on the headset, there’s a built-in sensor that was made specifically for this purpose.


The light shield on the headset was designed to block the light around you when you’re wearing the headset.


However, it does not do a very good job of this, and it’s a bit difficult to adjust the lenses while wearing the headset with the shield in place.


If you remove the shield to adjust the lenses when you put the shield back in you will realize that the position of the lenses has been altered and they must be adjusted again. Which makes it a complete waste of your time to remove the shield to adjust the lenses.


It’s best to keep the shield in place while refocusing the lenses, however, this is a difficult task to accomplish.


You must put your fingers between your face and the headset to manually adjust them. Regardless of how much time I spent trying to adjust the lenses, I was unable to get them correctly focused to a point where I felt comfortable to look through them.


The Performance Of The LG 360 VR:


Upon release of the headset LG claimed that using the 360 VR is like watching a 130 inch TV from 2 meters away, however, I strongly disagree with that claim.


The LG 360 VR has a lower resolution than all the other virtual reality headsets on the market today, so the picture quality is not up to par with the competition.


The built-in LCD IPS display on the headset is 960 x 720 pixels per eye. The LG 360 VR is no match for the Samsung Gear VR in terms of picture quality and it definitely does not feel like you’re watching a 130 inch TV.


With the LG 360 VR you can view images and videos which were taken with the LG 360 CAM. You can use YouTube and the Jaunt VR app however, the other apps which are Epiq VR, SBS Player, and NextVR, are not available as yet.


My Final Thought:


When I tried on the LG 360 VR it was very difficult to adjust the shield and the lenses to create a great viewing experience.


The shield does not work the way it was supposed to. Regardless of how I adjusted it, there always seemed to be light coming in, and the picture quality was not very good due to the low resolution.


My experience with the LG 360 VR was not a good one, this headset is not very user-friendly to say to least. The LG 360 VR is available at Amazon.com for $49.99.


I would not recommend buying this headset because the overall functionality and usability of this device is poor, hopefully, LG will do a better job the next time around.



  1. This is so cool! I stumbled upon this not even knowing it was a thing! I mean as a kid I always dreamed about it, but that its actually happening is really neat. It is a bit upsetting that it’s not exactly what it claims to be, but I guess it has to start somewhere!

  2. Hi there,

    Virtual reality is nothing new, and virtual reality headsets seem to be taking off at the moment a sort of trend if you like. I get the feeling it might, I emphasise might be more worth the while of those interested in VR head sets to hand back a year or two and see what develops and who comes on to the market to make a serious challenge to Samsung.

    Me, personally I’d love a VR head set just to watch sports and playstation gaming! Hooking up to a phone does nt really do it for me.

    • Thanks for the feedback Derek, I think the quality of the virtual reality headsets should be much better in the near future.


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