LG 360 Cam Review – This Camera Produces Great Results


The LG 360 cam is a virtual reality shooting camera that was released by LG as a module to the LG G5 to extend the capabilities of the phone. However, the LG 360 cam wasn’t made to be used exclusively with the LG G5, it can be used with other smartphones as well.

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The LG 360 cam can even be used without a smartphone but that’s not recommended because you will not have full access to all the features and functionalities of the camera. The LG 360 cam is a tool for capturing 360-degree images and videos.


However, it doesn’t have a microphone or headphone jack, so you won’t be able to intimately narrate 2K video using this VR camera. But it’s embedded mics are able to pick up surrounding audio.


There are three microphones tucked into the edges of the camera lenses. These microphones will pick up surrounding audio while you’re recording.


The Capabilities Of The LG 360 Cam:


The LG 360 cam is unique in a sense because it does not follow what its fellow competitor Samsung has done. Instead of a 360-degree ball-shaped camera design like the Samsung Gear 360, the LG 360 cam has a symmetrical shape to it with two identical 13MP cameras on either side.


Both cameras are made of a 200-degree fisheye lens, when both cameras take images and the images are combined it makes a 360-degree image.  The LG 360 cam takes 360 degree images at 5,660 x 2,830 MP and 360 degree video recording at 2,560 x 1,280 MP in MP4 format.


Performance Of The LG 360 Cam:


LG 360 Cam

To take full advantage of all the features and functionalities of the LG 360 cam it must be used with a smartphone.


Even though you may be able to upload images and videos directly to your social media accounts from the camera these images will not be 360-degree spherical images.


To use the LG 360 cam with Google Street View and YouTube you must download these applications on your smartphone.


And when you transfer the content from the 360 cam to your smartphone using the smartphone application.


Google Street View and YouTube applications will be able to upload directly from the media gallery of the smartphone. When it’s done this way Google Street View and YouTube will recognize the images and videos as spherical.


When the LG 360 cam and your smartphone are in-sync it allows you to view your photos and videos online.


You also have the option of watching spherical photos and videos in the smartphone application, and when you rotate or angle the phone the point of view changes in real time.


While the quality of the video recorded with the LG 360 cam is better than some of the other 360 degree cameras on the market, it’s not as good as footage that’s shot with a typical Full HD camera.


The LG 360 Cam Specs:


LG 360 Cam Side View

The LG 360 has two 200 degree wide angle 13MP cameras, and a 1,200mAH non-removable battery to go with it.


The battery is housed between the two lenses. The battery in the LG cam is significantly smaller than that of the LG G5 phone which is 2800mAh.


However, the LG 360 cam does not require as much power to function as a smartphone, therefore the 1,200mAH battery is suitable and it will last you as long as the battery in the LG G5 phone.


At the base of the LG 360 cam, there is a screw mount for attaching the camera to a tripod.


The LG 360 cam comes equipped with 4GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot. This is great because if you remove the microSD card and you forget to put it back in you will still be able to take pictures and videos and store it on the internal storage.


The LG 360 cam has embedded mics which capture surrounding audio, but it does not have a headphone or a microphone jack. The built-in microphones are located in the edges of the camera lenses which has 5.1-channel surround-sound audio recording capabilities.


The LG 360 Cam Software:


There aren’t many physical buttons located on the cam so you have to connect it to the phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to get the most out of the manual controls.


Once the phone and the LG cam are in-sync you will be able to see a live 360-degree preview image on the screen of the phone.


You will be able to switch from the 180 to 360-degree camera and manually adjust the shutter speed. When you pair the LG G5 phone with the LG 360 cam you get quite a unique user experience.


My Final Thought:


My overall experience with the LG 360 cam has been a good one, with the advent of this module, LG has raised the bar in the cell phone industry.


This device has lived up to its expectations, the LG cam is available at Amazon.com for $149.00. Please feel free to share your experiences with me in the comment section below.


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  1. Great Review, It’s a shame about most features only being accessible through your smartphone. Is the app easy enough to navigate around while trying to use the camera?

    • Thanks Chris, I agree with you I think it would have been better if the camera wasn’t dependent on the smartphone, and the app is user friendly and easy to navigate.

  2. As someone who specializes in technology, even I am blown away by this. 360 degree cameras are certainly a huge step forward in technology and it will only get better from there. Although there are a few typos here and there, your article got your point across effectively and allowed for a pleasant read. Nice!

    • Okay thanks for the feedback Christopher, you found typos… I could not find any typos, can you point them out for me?

      • Well, the header for “The Capabilities of the 360 Cam” accidentally reads as “The Capabilities of the 306 Cam.” The first sentence under that uses “it’s” which should mean ‘it is’ when you really meant to say “its”, the possessive pronoun. Other than that, though, your article was very good! 🙂


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