iPhone XS Max Review – A Phone With An Attractive Display


Bigger phones are more popular today than ever before, one complaint iPhone X user make about the phone is in regards to the size of the display screen. Many iPhone X users say that the display screen isn’t big enough, to appease these people, Apple released the iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XS Max

Pros Cons
  • The display screen is big and attractive
  • Smart HDR improves quality of the photos
  • Battery life is good
  • The overall performance is good
  • Headphone jack dongle and fast-charging cable are sold separately
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iPhone XS Max Introduction:


The XS Max has the biggest display screen on an iPhone to date. This phone is ideal for anyone who prefers to use a big phone.


The display screen and the battery are bigger in the XS Max than that of the XS. These are the only two factors that distinguish the two phones from each other.


Both phones look alike and they function in a similar manner. I think it’s great that Apple did this because for the first time in years you do not have to choose between features when you’re trying to determine which of these phones would be best for you.


Both phones look extremely similar to that of their predecessor from last year the iPhone X. On the front of the XS Max, you will find a notch located at the top of the display screen.


Some iPhone users don’t mind the notch, while others hate it. The notch was implemented to work in conjunction with the TrueDepth camera.


This makes it possible for the Face ID feature, which gives you the ability to unlock the phone by looking at it. It’s slightly faster on the XS Max than it is on the iPhone X.


This is the most sophisticated and most secure facial recognition system you will find on a smartphone today. The edge to edge LCD display screen is attractive and it provides a great user experience.


The XS Max is available in Silver, Space Grey, and Gold. At the bottom edge of the phone on the left, the number of holes has been reduced from seven to four.


This is due to an antenna band which is taking up some of that space. The antenna band is part of the new 4×4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) framework which makes it possible for stronger and faster internet connectivity.


Display Screen:


The big attractive display screen on the XS Max is one of the main selling points of this phone. The display screen is a Super Retina HD Oled display screen which is made of tempered glass.


Its 6.46 inches and it has a resolution of 2,688 x 1,242 with 458 pixels per inch. Apple claims that this glass is the most durable glass that they have ever placed on an iPhone.


The display screen is attractive, even when viewing it outside in direct sunlight it gets bright enough to provide a great viewing experience.


The XS Max has Apple’s True Tone technology which works by adjusting the tone of the display screen to the ambient lighting in your surrounding area.


This provides a better viewing experience, Apple did a great job on the display screen on the XS Max.


The frame of the phone is made of stainless steel which makes it stronger than the aluminum frame used on some of the other iPhones. These two factors make the XS Max the most durable iPhone to date.


If you don’t currently own the iPhone X and you get the XS Max. It may take you some time to adjust to the phone because there is no home button, you must learn the gesture navigation system.


It’s extremely user-friendly and it will not take a long time to adjust to it.


If you have small hands, it may be a bit difficult to manage the phone with one hand due to the size of the display screen.


But if you don’t mind the size of the display screen, it provides a great user experience, especially if you enjoy watching movies on the phone.


The XS Max supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, these are also supported on the iPhone X. However, the dynamic range on this phone has been improved.


The speakers have also been improved from that of its predecessor, it’s extremely loud and the sound clarity is great.


Apple’s A12 Bionic Processor:


The XS Max comes equipped with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, this is the first processor Apple has built using the 7-nanometer process.


This processor has 6.9 billion transistors, Apple claims that this gives it the ability to be more efficient while delivering stronger performance in comparison the A11 Bionic processor from last year.


To assist with learning tasks, there is a Neural Engine which has an additional six cores which makes it a total of eight cores. This makes it possible to process 5 trillion operations per second.


Do you have any idea what that means? That means that this is the most powerful phone in the world at this time. This phone is very fast and responsive and it will not slow down.


Whether you’re playing video games, watching movies, or multi-tasking there will be no hiccups. This is due to the A12 Bionic processor working in conjunction with the iOS 12 operating system.


I mentioned my favorite new features in my review of the iPhone XS.





iPhone XS Max Camera

The XS Max comes with a dual-camera setup which consists of a 12-megapixel camera with a f/1.8 aperture along with a 12-megapixel telephoto camera with a f/2.4 aperture.


Both cameras have optical image stabilization as well as 4K video capabilities which will allow you to record up to 60 frames per second. The size of the image sensor has been increased, this improves the quality of low-light photos.


The camera app is fast and responsive, it launches quickly, it’s very user-friendly, and there’s no lag at all. The images taken with this camera look natural with lots of details.


Even when taking photos in low light conditions the quality is good. As a result of the Smart HDR feature, the camera takes three different exposures and they are all combined to create one great high-quality photo.


Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting have been improved, the bokeh and the color accuracy are great. The dynamic range when capturing video has also been improved as well as low-light performance up to 4K 30 FPS, stereo recording is also available.


The colors look very natural and the image stabilization is great. This is a great camera that performs very well in different conditions.



  1. Hi Marvin, I’m trying to decide which I phone to purchase, the 11 128 GB or the XS Max 512 GB,Both are same price. I’m a senior and need to upgrade from a 6 S. Appreciate your views. Thanks

    • Hello Carol,

      Both of these iPhones are great choices, if you would like a bigger display screen I would suggest the iPhone XS Max. However, if you would like a better battery life then I would suggest the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 has a more premium look and feel to it and it also has better cameras.


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