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iPhone XR Review – The Most Economical iPhone Of 2018


For 2018 Apple gave us the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. In this in-depth iPhone XR review, I will tell you what makes this iPhone one of the best phones of the year for 2018.


iPhone XR Review


iPhone XR Review

iPhone XR Review
Battery Life 10.0
Camera 7.0
Software 9.0
Hardware 9.0
Performance 10.0


  • Battery life is amazing
  • Processor is extremely fast
  • Sound quality is good


  • Camera could have been better


iPhone XR Introduction And Hardware:


The iPhone XR (XR) is being billed as the cheapest iPhone of the year. Thus the reason why I believe that this may be the most popular iPhone this year.


Apple had to make some compromises to keep the cost down. Will you still be interested in getting the cheapest iPhone of the year when you find out what has been compromised?


If you’re comfortable with the compromises, then this may be the phone for you.


The XR is available in the following colors black, white, blue, coral, red, and yellow.


The sides of the phone are made of aluminum. The bezels on this phone are slightly thicker than that of its siblings, however, most iPhone users may not care about this.


The XR comes with an attractive 6.1-inch LCD display screen which is relatively bright and colorful.


There are three variants, there’s the 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants. However, unlike the XS and XS Max, the XR does not have a 512GB option.


So if you need more than 256GB of internal storage, you may not be interested in this phone. There is no physical home button on the XR. So if you’re an avid iPhone user who has never used an iPhone without the physical home button, you will have to adapt to this.




With the release of this year’s iPhones, Apple wanted to give people an affordable iPhone to choose if they are looking for something more economical.


Thus the reason for the XR, when you look at the XR in comparison to its siblings, you will notice that it’s not quite as attractive.


As I mentioned earlier the bezels are thicker around the display screen, this makes it look slightly less attractive. But when you hold the phone you will notice that the edges of the phone aren’t made from the same type of aluminum as its siblings.


The iPhone XS and XS Max are 7.7mm thick while the XR is 8.3mm thick, so the XR is thicker than its siblings. There’s no headphone jack adapter on this phone.


However, the headphone jack is present and the phone comes with the bundled earbuds in the box, these earbuds have a Lightning connector at the end.


Everything else on the XR’s design is very similar to that of the iPhone X.


Display Screen:


iPhone XR Display Screen


The main selling point for this iPhone is the display screen that it possesses. Apple managed to keep the cost down by using LCD technology instead of OLED.


The 6.1-inch display screen with thicker bezels is currently the only phone to have a Liquid Retina display screen. Apple developed this technology specifically for this phone


Even though it may be technically lower quality, the color reproduction is not bad at all. Even though this is a big phone which has a big display screen. It’s relatively easy to manage it with one hand and it’s easy to carry it.


However, if you’re upgrading to this phone from an older iPhone you must know that the aspect ratio of the display screen is roughly 18:9. This is slightly more narrow than the usual 16:9 widescreen that’s present on the older iPhones.


The difference in the aspect ratio will only be an issue when you’re watching movies in landscape mode or using apps.


The small notch at the top of the display screen which houses the TrueDepth camera, speaker and sensors will be in the way when you fill the display screen with content.


This may be an issue for some people, while other people may not care about this.




Out of the three iPhones that were released this year the XR has the poorest camera. Apple had to compromise the camera quality to keep the cost down.


The problem is that the primary camera on this phone has one sensor instead of two for portrait mode.


That does not mean that the photo quality is terrible in comparison to its siblings. However, this iPhone does not have the second lens which is present on the XS and XS Max.


As a result of this, there’s no telephoto lens for lossless zooming and you will not have the ability to take great photos in portrait mode using dual sensors together as you can with the XS or XS Max.


Never the less, on the XR you can do depth sensing and blurring the background via the Focus pixels. You also have the ability to change the depth of the blur effect via the scroller located at the bottom of the phone.


Apple claims that they are the first brand to do this, however, we’ve seen this quite a few times before. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus also has this feature.


The XR has a TrueDepth camera on the front of the phone which is used for taking selfies and unlocking the phone. While the primary camera located at the back of the phone is a 12MP camera.


The Smart HDR feature gives the XR the ability to capture more details in the photos. It does a great job of fusing the light and dark elements.


The camera on the XR isn’t the best. However, if you’re looking for a phone that will give you the ability to take a decent photo without any type of fancy features. Then you may be happy with the camera on this phone.




The XR is powered by a 2942mAh battery, this is larger than the battery in the XS but smaller than the battery in the XS Max.


However, out of those three iPhones, the XR has the longest battery life. In a recent iOS 12 update, Apple removed the ability to see usage since the last charge. Instead, it shows usage in the last 24 hours.


The XR’s battery will last slightly over one full day of moderate to heavy usage. Most smartphone users would be able to use this phone through an entire day without the battery dying.


The XR comes with the same 5W charger that the other iPhones come with. If you’re someone who normally charges your phone overnight. Then you may not care about the charging time of this phone.


It takes roughly three hours to fully charge the XR when using the bundled charger. If you normally charge your phone during the day while you’re awake, you may have a problem waiting three hours for your phone to charge.


However, if you need to charge the phone faster, you can accomplish this by buying a 12W iPad charger. This charger isn’t too expensive but it will charge the phone significantly faster.


You can also opt for Apple’s recommendation instead. For faster charging Apple recommends getting a 30W USB-C Power Adapter and a USB-C to Lightning Cabel.


This charger is bigger than the iPad’s charger and this solution is more expensive, but you can decide which method will work better for you.




The XR is a fast and responsive phone that performs well when multi-tasking. The display screen is very attractive, if you enjoy watching videos or playing video games the XR provides a great user experience.


My Final Thought:


I think it was a great decision for Apple to offer a more economical iPhone this year. The camera on the XR may not be as good as the camera on its siblings the XS and XS Max. However, the XR’s camera isn’t bad at all.


If you’re looking for an affordable iPhone with an attractive display screen which has a great battery life, you should consider getting the XR.


This concludes my iPhone XR review, hopefully, you found this information helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.




  • Battery Life10
  • Camera7
  • Software9
  • Hardware9
  • Performance10
  • 9


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