iPhone X Review – A Much Needed Change


The iPhone X is finally here, Apple has been hyping this phone for quite a few months before it’s arrival. Apple put so much time and effort into hyping the iPhone X that it overshadowed the arrival of the iPhone 8.


iPhone X Review

Pros Cons
  • Face ID feature is great
  • Display screen is excellent
  • Animoji is great
  • Camera is excellent
  • Some apps are not optimized for the display screen
  • Expensive
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iPhone X Introduction:


Apple claims that the iPhone X is a complete reimagining of what the iPhone should be, ten years after the original iPhone revolutionized the world.


This means that Apple has made some major changes to this iPhone, it has some different features and functionalities which will set it apart from its predecessors.


There are a few things you will notice when you take a close look at this iPhone in comparison to the other iPhones.


The fingerprint scanner and the home button are gone. They have been replaced by Apple’s Face ID unlocking system and Apple’s navigation gestures system.


If you compare the iPhone 6 and all the other iPhones that were released right up until the iPhone 8. You will notice that the look and feel of those iPhones are extremely similar, the newer iPhone may have a few new features in comparison to its predecessor.


However, they all look and function similarly. Many iPhone enthusiasts were unhappy as a result of this because they were expecting more innovation from one model to the next.


Apple has made a strong statement with the release of the iPhone X because this phone is extremely innovative. Apple would like the iPhone x to be the beginning of a new generation of iPhones.




Apple took a huge risk when they decided to drastically change the design of this iPhone. However, I think they made the right decision because this was long overdue.


The iPhone X is a nicely designed premium phone which is made primarily of surgical-grade stainless steel and glass. Apple claims that the glass on this phone is the most durable glass that has ever been placed on a smartphone, only time will tell if this is really true.


The camera bump located at the back of the phone is big, this is something that I dislike on this phone. I’m not sure why Apple felt the need to put a big camera bump on such a sleek, attractive phone.


There is no headphone jack on this phone, this is something that many iPhone users may dislike. The mute button, volume buttons, and the sleep/wake button are located on the sides of the phone.


There’s a notch located at the top of the display screen, Apple refers to this as “sensor housing.” If you like the notch, that’s great.


However, if you dislike it you should know that Apple has approved an app called Notch Remover. You can get the Notch Remover app in the App store which will remove the notch by masking it with a black bar.

Display Screen:


The display screen on the iPhone X is an OLED display screen, this is the first iPhone to feature an OLED display screen.


This display screen is a 5.8-inch display screen which was manufactured by Samsung. Apple claims that this display screen was custom designed for the iPhone X.


The display screen on this phone has a taller height to width aspect ratio in comparison to the display screens on the other iPhones.


The aspect ratio of the iPhone X is 19.5:9. This is 22 percent larger than the 16:9 aspect ratio that we’ve seen on the previous iPhones. The iPhone X has a new 2.5K higher resolution with 2436×1125 pixels and 458 pixels per inch.


As a result of the different aspect ratios, when viewing videos or opening apps that haven’t been optimized for the iPhone X you will see big software bezels.


These are big black borders at the top and bottom of the screen which will make it look as though you’re viewing it on the iPhone 8.


All the previous iPhones had LCD display screens, LCD display screens work by blocking light rather than emitting light. As a result of this LCD’s require a backlight to function correctly.


The iPhone X has an OLED display screen which uses Diamond PenTile Pixel Layout. This means that every pixel on the screen shares blue, red, and green with subpixels around it.


Apple claims that they are doing lots of custom antialiasing and subpixel rendering to make their display screen look better than Samsung’s OLED.


The display screen on this phone is amazing, the colors are rich and vibrant without looking oversaturated. As most OLED display screens age they will display some burn-in. Apple claims that they have done quite a bit of work on this display screen to minimize the burn-in.




iPhone X Camera
iPhone X Camera


The iPhone X comes equipped with a dual-camera setup at the back of the phone. Both cameras are 12-megapixel cameras.


The primary wide-angle camera is optically stabilized with an f/1.8 aperture. There’s a telephoto lens that has an aperture of f/2.4 which is also optically stabilized.


As a result of the optically stabilized telephoto lens and the wider aperture on this camera. The camera on the iPhone X can perform better in low-light areas than its predecessors.


Apple claims that they have completely rebuilt the sensor and they made it larger and faster. They also have a new ISP (image signal processor) this is supposed to enhance the colors and textures in the photos.


Photos taken with the primary camera are amazing, they are slightly more saturated than the previous iPhones.


However, not as saturated as a Samsung Galaxy phone. The combination of the dynamic range along with the rich, vibrant colors makes this camera one of the best cameras on the market.


Whether you plan on taking photos in a well-lit setting or a darker setting you will get great results. Whether you plan on taking photos in portrait mode or landscape mode. The iPhone X will produce great high-quality photos.


Video can be recorded at 240fps slow motion at 1080p, and 4K video can be recorded at 60fps. Currently, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are the only phones on the market that can do this.


The selfie camera located at the front of the phone is a 7-megapixel True Depth camera which has Portrait mode enabled. Portrait mode uses AI to determine what parts of a photo should be hyperfocused and what parts should be blurred.


This is also known as the bokeh effect in photography, I think this is a great feature that works very well, some people like it and some people don’t.


Slow Sync Flash:


Whether taking photos in a well-lit area or a darker setting the iPhone X manages to do a good job. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X have a new feature that Apple refers to as Slow Sync Flash.


With the Slow Sync Flash feature, the phone will take a photo at a slower shutter speed while firing the flash quickly. Thus leaving the shutter open longer which exposes more light to make the photo brighter.


The end result is a great high-quality photo that looks extremely natural. Apple did a great job with the cameras on this phone.


  1. This is a great, in depth review on the new iPhone X. I don’t own an iPhone but there a lot of great features on this that makes me think it would be great to have one.
    The animoji feature looks really cool and fun to use and I like the fact it keeps your notifications private until you view them. A great safety feature.
    The price tag is a bit steep though but will certainly put this on my next phone list.

  2. Now iphone looks like any other phone on the market (design-wise)
    Feature wise, meh, not really number one on the market
    I’m thinking about switching to iphone X maybe but what’s drawing me back is the spen found on galaxy note series.
    People say once you go apple you aint going bananas.
    Well we’ll see very soon
    Thanks for the great review

    • Thanks Murphy, the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are amazing phones, I don’t think you would be disappointed with either of them.

  3. Hi Marvin,

    I am glad I found this article I am due for an upgrade on my Android phone. I have never thought about getting an iPhone but know I might.

    The iPhone X has some really nice features, the camera sounds great. I take a ton of pictures with my phone and they don’t always come out great. I will have to take a look at the iPhone X.

    Thanks for the great information.

  4. I thought Apple’s Face ID feature was nice. Until it went out on my XS Max and I started searching around the net for people with similar issues. I found myself on eBay looking at 1,000’s of iPhone X’s being sold labeled “NO FACE ID.” The most frustrating part is that there’s no fingerprint unlock to back it up.


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