iPhone 8 Review – This Phone Has An Amazing Camera


The arrival of the iPhone 8 was not as highly anticipated as the previous iPhones. The arrival of this iPhone was overshadowed by the iPhone X. This happened because earlier this year Apple referred to the iPhone X as the future of smartphones.

iPhone 8 Review

Pros Cons
  • Great camera
  • Wireless charging is great
  • Good overall performance
  • Design looks slightly outdated
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iPhone 8 Introduction:


The software and hardware in the iPhone X are superior to that of the iPhone 8. As a result of this many people believe that the iPhone 8 is outdated.


Maybe so, but I believe that both iPhones appeal to a different demographic.


The iPhone X is significantly more expensive so there will be lots of people who would like to upgrade from the iPhone 7 who isn’t willing to pay the hefty price tag for the iPhone X. Those people can opt for the iPhone 8 instead.




The design of the iPhone hasn’t changed very much since the release of the iPhone 6. The only noticeable difference in this year’s iPhone is the aluminum back panel that we’ve seen on the previous iPhones has been replaced with glass.


Apple claims that this glass is the most durable glass that has ever been placed on an iPhone.


This glass panel makes the phone a bit heavier than it’s predecessor. But I think that this was a great decision on the part of Apple because the glass panel makes the phone easier to handle.


However, the look and feel of the rest of the phone is very similar to its predecessors.


When you look at the latest LG or Samsung phone, and you compare them to their predecessors. You can see that there have been some significant advancements in technology. I wish Apple would do the same with the release of every phone.


This year’s iPhone has relatively thick bezels this is something that we’ve seen less of in the other smartphones on the market this year.


The iPhone 8 has an IP67 certification. This means it’s water and dust resistant and it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without having any adverse effects on the phone.


The 3.5mm headphone jack has been removed but the iPhone comes equipped with a 3.5mm Lightning headphone jack adapter in the box. Thus giving you the opportunity to use your old wired headphones via the adapter.


Display Screen:


The display screen on this year’s iPhone is a 4.7in screen with a 1,334×750 resolution. This is very similar to its predecessors, and it’s a bit smaller than the display screen on some of the other premium smartphones that are currently on the market.


The picture quality of the display screen is good, the colors are rich and luminous. This phone has one of the best display screens on the market right now. However, the display screen could have been bigger if the bezels at the top and the bottom of the screen were thinner.


Apple’s True Tone technology is a great new feature that’s been added to the iPhone 8. This feature allows the display screen to determine the exact percentage and intensity of white light that’s needed.


The concept behind this feature is that whites look a bit different when viewed under different settings.


However, the True Tone will automatically adjust the display screen in real time to make the white look natural regardless of the setting.




Apple’s most impressive processor to date is the A11 Bionic. This has a direct impact on everything that happens inside the phone.


The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the iPhone X have the same processor. However, what makes a difference in the overall performance of the phone is the amount of RAM that the phone possesses.


The iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM and the 8 Plus and iPhone X have 3GB of RAM. The extra GB of RAM generally means that the phone will perform more efficiently and the battery will last longer as a result of this.


The A11 Bionic is a powerful processor which has six cores. There are two high power and four low power cores these cores along with the RAM allows the phone to work efficiently when multi-tasking.


For people who enjoy watching movies and playing video games on the iPhone, the speakers on this year’s iPhone is a bit louder than that of the iPhone 7.




The iPhone 8 runs on the iOS 11, this operating system has improved the lock screen notifications. It has also improved Siri and the Control Center has been redesigned, it has a new look and feel to it.


The Control Center has been reduced to one panel. In this panel, you will have quick and easy access to Do Not Disturb mode, Screen-Orientation Lock, Flashlight, Screen mirroring, Camera, Clock/Alarm, and Calculator.


The Control Center is customizable you can easily modify the settings for the things you do the most.


The voice of Siri has been modified, it sounds more natural and less artificial. However, sometimes it has a hard time understanding requests so there’s room for improvement here.



  1. I’m considering upgrading my iPhone 6. With so many options in the market sometimes is difficult how to choose.

    I was considering the iPhone X but it so expensive and I do not know if is worth it yet….

    I also considered the iPhone 7, but I don’t know…

    One thing I’m looking for is to start making online courses… without having to spend on a professional camera just yet.

    If I’ll buy a new phone, it has to have a nice camera that I can use to record my videos.

    Do you think the Camera in the iPhone 8 will suffice to record the videos in a nice quality? Or do you recommend another device?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Kevin, I would recommend the iPhone 8 because it shoots great¬†4K video. I think you will be very happy with the quality of the video.

  2. I have always been a Samsung user, but am due for an upgrade, so I am checking out all the options that are available. I know that Apple has always been the leader as far as optics go. The iPhones have always exceeded Samsung with picture and video quality, especially under low light conditions. The Galaxy S5, which I currently own takes terrible pictures with the front camera, especially in low light. I didn’t find this out until we took a Christmas picture last year and I tried to take a selfie. The picture was not very good. Anyway, I appreciate this review. I am definitely focused on a phone with great optics and the iPhone X is really expensive.

    • It sounds like you’re disappointed with the picture quality of the Galaxy S5, well you have quite a few different options to choose from right now including the iPhone 8.

  3. I see that you said that the camera on the iPhone 8 produces more natural-looking photos than the Galaxy S8. Is this also true for the Google Pixel 2? I see your review on the side of the page on it and will be checking it out next!

    Also, which do you think is more versatile? iOS or Android?

    Thanks for the article, yo!

    • Thanks for the feedback, as far as the natural looking photos, it’s more obvious when you compare the iPhone 8 to the Galaxy S8. You’re asking if the Google Pixel 2 takes more natural looking photos than the Galaxy S8? It’s hard to distinguish a difference here because the both of these phones have amazing cameras. I like iOS and Android, I think they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Hey, Marvin, I have always been a big fan of the I Phones, they have always done me well, from the 5 to my current 7. As I read your review I found it very informative with just the information I am seeking, from the photo capacity to the longevity of the battery. What would you recommend as far as trading my 7 in to receive an I phone 8 are there any options thru your site, anyway I would definitely consider going with the 8, Thank you Jack

    • Thanks for the feedback Jack, there are no options to trade in your iPhone 7 on my site. You can get the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X depending on how much money you would like to spend.


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