iPhone 12 Pro Review – Everything You Need To Know


The iPhone 12 Pro is one of the iPhones in the iPhone 12 series that Apple released in the 4th quarter of 2020. In this iPhone 12 Pro review, I will tell you why I believe this is a good phone but is it worth the hefty price tag? I will answer that question later on in this review.


iPhone 12 Pro Review

Pros Cons
  • MagSafe Technology is nice
  • Fast and responsive
  • Night Mode is great
  • Battery life could have been better
  • Charging block is not included
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iPhone 12 Pro Introduction:


The iPhone 12 Pro has lots of features, it probably has more features than the avid smartphone user needs.


If you read my iPhone 12 review and you believe that it’s a good iPhone but you’re looking for something more powerful, then you may be interested in the iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhones that were released in the iPhone 12 series this year consist of the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The dimensions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm, both iPhones have the same dimensions, but the 12 Pro is heavier, it weighs 189g or 6.67oz.


Both iPhones also have the same processor, so you’re probably wondering what distinguishes the iPhone 12 from the iPhone 12 Pro, right?


The iPhone 12 Pro has more RAM, more internal storage, as well as an additional camera sensor (LiDAR) which is located on the back panel of the iPhone.


The LiDAR sensor is new, this sensor gives the iPhone the ability to judge distance while providing more focusing options.


There’s a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom capabilities, this camera gives you the ability to zoom in closer while taking photos.


There’s also a wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera for taking panoramic shots. The LiDAR technology that’s used here has paved the way for more complex augmented reality features in the future.


With the exception of the things I mentioned above, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is the same.


As I stated earlier, both iPhones have the same dimensions. However, the shape of the iPhones, the display screen and the resolution, the MagSafe technology, as well as the 5G capabilities, are the same on both iPhones.


The iPhone 12 Pro is smaller than its successor the iPhone 11 Pro from last year, but when you look at the iPhone 12 Pro you will notice that the display screen is flat.


The curved edges on the display screen from the iPhone 11 Pro has been replaced with a flat display screen.


As a result of this, the iPhone 12 Pro does not fit into the contours of your hand in the way that the iPhone 11 Pro does.


All the iPhones in the iPhone 12 series come equipped with 5G capabilities. This is a double-edged sword because the 5G infrastructure is still in its developmental stages.


So if you bought the iPhone 12 Pro you will not be able to take advantage of the 5G capabilities when you’re in a neighborhood that doesn’t support 5G and when you get the chance to actually use 5G it will drain your battery faster.


Nevertheless, the cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro capture good high-quality videos and photos, and the Night Mode feature does a great job when shooting photos in a darker setting.


Battery life on the iPhone 12 Pro is average, however, some users have reported that they are experiencing high battery drainage.




The iPhone 12 Pro is a flat phone with sharp 90-degree edges, a phone with curved edges is easier to hold on to in comparison to a flat phone.


I’m not sure why Apple removed the curved edges, maybe they were having a hard time trying to distinguish the look and feel of the iPhone 12 Pro from its predecessor so they decided to make the display screen flat? I don’t know.


Apple refers to the display screen on the iPhone 12 Pro as a Ceramic Shield display screen. Apple has worked in conjunction with Corning to develop a display screen that it says is not glass.


This display screen is made from a ‘nano-crystalline’ structure that Apple claims has four times the strength of the iPhone 11 Pro’s display screen, I hope this is true.


Located at the back of the iPhone 12 Pro is the same glass that’s present on the iPhone 11 Pro, for what it’s worth, Apple claims that this year’s iPhones are more durable than that of their predecessors.


However, if you drop the iPhone 12 Pro at a certain angle on a hard surface, it will break, regardless of what Apple says.


So if you plan on getting this iPhone, you should consider investing in a good case to protect it.


The flat edges on this iPhone may not look and feel as aesthetically pleasing as a phone with curved edges.


However, due to the flat edges on this display screen, there are almost no false touches when handling this iPhone and it’s easier to push the buttons on the edges.


The iPhone 12 Pro is available in a number of different color variants which include Gold, Silver, Graphite, and Pacific Blue.


The Apple EarPods and the charging block have been removed from the box. Apple stated that this will have a positive impact on the environment and Apple believes that all iPhone users already have an iPhone charger.


If you’re an avid iPhone user you probably have several Lightning cables that work fine.


However, if this is your first iPhone, then you will have to buy a new charging block separately because the cable that comes in the iPhone 12 Pro box is a USB-C to Lightning cable, this is a newer cable.


Display Screen:


iPhone 12 Pro Review

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with the same OLED display screen that’s present on last year’s iPhone 11 Pro. However, the size of the display screen has increased from 5.8-inches to 6.1-inches without increasing the dimensions of the chassis.


The display screen on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size, this is odd because I expected the iPhone 12 Pro to have a bigger display screen.


I’m a little disappointed that Apple didn’t do more to distinguish these two models from each other.


The OLED display screen on this iPhone has a wide variety of colors in the color gamut, bright whites, and deep blacks this is more noticeable when viewing HDR footage.


Nevertheless, the display screen on the iPhone 12 Pro is among the best display screens that are currently on the market.


Whether you’re playing video games, looking at photos, or watching movies, this display screen will provide a great user experience.


It would have been great if the display screens on this year’s iPhones had a 120Hz refresh rate instead of the 60Hz refresh rate that they have.


A higher refresh rate provides a smoother scrolling experience when you’re using the iPhone.


It would have been nice to see 120Hz display technology debut on an iPhone with the Pro and Pro Max variants, but it didn’t happen this year.


5G Technology:


While there are some people who absolutely love 5G there are others that don’t. Nevertheless, the 5G feature on the iPhones in the iPhone 12 series is a standard feature, I think that’s a good thing because they are not charging additional money for this.


The people who enjoy using 5G when it’s available will enjoy using the iPhone 12 Pro, 5G gives you the ability to download large files in a fraction of the time.


If you enjoy streaming content with 5G you will have a faster and smoother user experience in comparison to 4G.


Some critics believe that 5G is a bit excessive, however. If you have ever tried to download a large file or upload photos in a heavily congested area then you will know that these things take a bit longer under these circumstances.


In this type of situation, you can accomplish your task significantly faster and easier on a 5G network.


This is a great thing, however, the problem here is that even though the iPhone 12 Pro has the ability to connect to a wide variety of 5G networks for people in the US who are with Verizon, the 5G networks are still rolling out in many locations across the US.


So if you live and work in a neighborhood that doesn’t support 5G, then you will not be able to take advantage of the 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro.


As time goes by and 5G becomes more readily available in more places you will be able to take full advantage of this technology.


However, if you are in an area where you can use 5G, you will notice that it consumes your battery’s resources at a faster pace, so you must think about the pros and cons.




The MagSafe technology makes it possible for wireless charging up to 15W on the iPhone 12 Pro. This technology was named after the magnetic power adapter that was supplied with the older generation of MacBooks.


MagSafe is a set of perfectly aligned magnets that are housed under the back panel of the iPhone 12 Pro.


MagSafe provides a firm hold when you attach an accessory. At the moment, the accessories are limited to a charger, a wallet add-on, and iPhone cases.


The MagSafe accessory has the ability to tell the iPhone what accessory it is. Apple’s MagSafe technology is very similar to that of Motorola’s Moto Mods, however, Moto Mods were not very successful so Motorola discontinued them.


Hopefully, Apple can improve this technology and make it more enticing to avid iPhone users.


At the moment, the MagSafe charger costs $39 US dollars, if you plan on getting the MagSafe charger you should know that it’s not compatible with all iPhone 12 cases.


You will have to invest in a MagSafe “passthrough” iPhone case, these types of cases give you the ability to wirelessly charge the iPhone without removing the case.


This MagSafe technology has lots of potential for growth but the success of this technology depends on the type of new accessories that are offered in the near future.



iPhone 12 Pro Cameras


Located at the back of the iPhone 12 Pro is a triple camera setup that has three 12MP cameras which consist of a 26mm wide-angle camera with a fixed aperture of f/1.6 with optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus.


There’s an ultra-wide camera with a fixed aperture of f/2.4 and a focal length of 13mm, as well as a 52mm telephoto camera with a 6-element lens which has 2x zoom and a fixed aperture of f/2.0.


You have the ability to seamlessly switch between these cameras and there’s also a 10x digital zoom feature that works great for capturing still shots and 6x digital zoom for capturing video.


There’s a fourth sensor that comes equipped with a LiDAR scanner, this makes it easier for the iPhone to determine what it’s looking at. This feature does a great job of detecting people’s faces in a dark setting and allowing the camera to auto-focus quickly.


Another new feature that’s been added to the iPhone 12 Pro is the ProRAW file format. This is very similar to the raw format that’s used by many photographers.


This feature is used to preserve all the image information that was captured by the sensor to provide you with more options when editing.


Apple ProRAW provides a way for experienced photographers to improve the quality of the photos that they receive.


However, less experienced photographers also have the ability to edit their photos in their favorite editing app.


The cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro are a small upgrade from that of its predecessor the iPhone 11 Pro, both iPhones have the same 12MP cameras located on the back panel.


However, on the iPhone 12 Pro, you have the ability to use Night Mode with all the cameras including the selfie cameras.


The Night Mode feature on the iPhone 12 Pro is great, this feature gives you the ability to significantly brighten your photos. However, you must hold the iPhone still for approximately 5 seconds to get the best results.


If your hand moves while you’re capturing the photo this will result in a low-quality photo, particularly when you are using the zoom feature or the ultra-wide cameras.


The iPhone 12 Pro’s primary camera has been improved, this camera gives you the ability to capture better low-light photos than that of its predecessor.


This is due to the f/1.6 aperture which allows more light to get into the photos. As I stated earlier, Night Mode is also available on the selfie cameras which gives you the ability to capture better selfies in a darker setting.


The addition of the LiDAR sensor on the back panel is one of the main factors that distinguish the iPhone 12 Pro from the iPhone 12.


The LiDAR sensor gives you the ability to take high-quality Night Mode portraits when shooting photos in a darker setting. This is an area where the iPhone 12 struggles due to the fact that it cannot get the same amount of light into the photos.


The selfie cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro have been improved from that of its predecessor. The selfie cameras have almost every feature that’s present on the primary cameras.


One of the main selling points for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is the fact that they give you the ability to watch, record, and edit Dolby Vision content in 4K at 60 frames per second.


The cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro do a good job when capturing photos in different conditions, the exposure is decent and noise is low, but the level of detail in the photos could be higher.


Hardware And Performance:


Most avid smartphone users like to know about the hardware that’s inside of the phone before they make the purchase.


The iPhone 12 Pro is powered by the A14 Bionic processor which works in conjunction with 6GB of RAM which guarantees that this iPhone is fast and responsive.


Whether you enjoy playing video games, watching movies, editing videos, or multi-tasking, the iPhone 12 Pro has more than enough power to complete the task without slowing down.


Even though the iPhone 12 only has 4GB of RAM in comparison to the 6GB of RAM in the iPhone 12 Pro the overall performance of both iPhones are very similar.


When it comes to internal storage, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at 128GB and it goes all the way up to 512GB.


If you enjoy shooting and editing lots of high quality 4K videos then you may consider the 512GB option, however, the 128GB option will be more than enough for the average iPhone user.


Battery Life:


The battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro is 2815mAh which is less than the 3190mAh battery in last year’s iPhone 11 Pro.


Apple has stated that the battery on the iPhone 12 Pro lasts one hour less for video playback in comparison to that of the iPhone 11 Pro.


This seems like a step backward, why did Apple think it was a good idea to do this, avid iPhone users want more battery power, not less.


Nevertheless, the standby time on the iPhone 12 Pro is not bad, however, there have been some reports of people who’ve had problems with fast battery drainage on the iPhone 12 Pro.


However, if you’re in an area where 5G is present and you’re streaming videos, playing video games, or surfing the net, then the battery will drain a bit faster.


The battery drains about 20% faster when the iPhone is connected to a 5G network. If you’re in an area where 5G isn’t present and you’re only using a 4G network, then the battery will last a bit longer.


On average, the battery on the iPhone 12 Pro will last a little under one day of moderate usage.


When it comes to charging the iPhone 12 Pro if you do not have an old Lightning cable and charging block, then you will have to buy a fast charging block because it does not come in the box with the iPhone.


My Final Thought:


The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro have a similar look and feel to them, however, the iPhone 12 Pro has some great things to offer but is it worth the extra money?


Well, if you need an iPhone with more RAM, more internal storage, and better cameras than what’s offered on the iPhone 12, then you should consider the iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhone 12 Pro is attractive, and it’s very fast and responsive if you’re due for an upgrade and you have an iPhone that at least 3 years old you should consider getting the iPhone 12 Pro.



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