iPhone 11 Pro Review – Outstanding Cameras


iPhone 11 Pro Software:


This phone runs on the iOS 13, this is the latest version of the Apple operating system. The Super Retina XDR OLED display screen is beautiful and the Dark mode is nice.


The Face ID feature is faster and more responsive than ever before, you can unlock the phone 30% faster as a result of iOS 13.


Swipe typing is now available natively, and there are stronger privacy features in place to protect your privacy.


One of the best things about the iPhone is the fact that updates occur instantly when Apple issues them and you will continue to receive updates for as long as five years after the phone has been released.


This is a good thing, the only other smartphone manufacturer that comes close to providing this level of software update and long term support is Google with their Pixel phones.


However, the Google phones will not be updated for as long as an iPhone.


iPhone 11 Pro Audio Quality:


  • Spatial audio (surround sound)
  • Dolby Atmos support


Spatial audio is a new feature that has been added to the iPhone 11 Pro. This may sound like a gimmick but it’s not.


This feature tricks your ears into believing that the sound stage that’s created by the speakers is bigger than it is.


Spatial audio uses the top speaker on the phone to amplify the sound this enhances everything and it gives you a more immersive sound experience.


The audio quality on the iPhone 11 Pro is amazing, one of the best that is currently available on a smartphone.


My Final Thought:


The iPhone 11 Pro is faster than that of its predecessor, the display screen and the battery life have been improved and the phone has a nice premium look and feel to it.


However, the main selling point for this phone is the cameras that it possesses.


The addition of the ultra-wide camera and the Nite Mode feature really enhances the capabilities of the cameras on this phone.


The iPhone 11 is a good phone which will be adequate for many people.


However, if you’re looking for a more powerful phone with better cameras and you don’t mind spending the extra money, you should consider getting the iPhone 11 Pro. Take a look at the iPhone 11 Pro on eBay.


But if you would like a bigger display screen, then you should get the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


This is a great iPhone that has many great things to offer. If you have any comments or questions about this iPhone 11 Pro review.


Or if you would like to share your experiences with this phone, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.


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