iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – A Big Powerful Phone

Portrait Mode


Portrait mode has also been upgraded, this feature does a better job at keeping the subject sharp with lots of detail.


Portrait mode works well when you’re zooming in as it did on previous iPhone models but now it also works well when taking photos at a normal distance without zooming.


This is possible as a result of the new extra-wide-angle camera that gives you the ability to capture more depth in the photos.


The results are great, particularly when you’re shooting photos of a subject in a well-lit setting.


You can use the new High Key Mono feature to shoot a more stylized photo. When comparing the photo quality of the iPhone XS Max from last year to the iPhone 11 Pro Max you will notice that the images are sharper and brighter on this year’s iPhone.


The ultra-wide camera is a nice addition, but it needs a bit more work. Some photos taken with this camera are great while others are slightly distorted.


Sometimes it’s easy to toggle between the camera modes while other times it’s not.


In general, the photos taken with the cameras on this phone are sharp with lots of rich and vivid colors.


Photos shot with this phone are less saturated in comparison to a premium Samsung phone.


4K Video


The iPhone XS Max can shoot 4K videos at 60fps, the overall quality of videos that are shot with this phone is better than that of its predecessor.


The average iPhone user may not care about this phone’s ability to shoot 4K videos at 60fps.


But if you’re a professional videographer or photographer who’s thinking about buying this phone, it will make a big difference to you.


The videos shot with this phone are extremely high quality and the exposure is balanced, this means that you can shoot great videos that look natural.


I think it’s great that Apple has an editing feature that’s built into the phone that gives you the ability to edit the filters and colors of the entire video.


The front-facing camera gives you the ability to shoot slow-motion videos, Apple refers to this as Solfies.


These videos are fun and most users will have lots of fun with this feature.


iOS 13:


The iPhone 11 Pro Max runs on the iOS 13 operating system, this is the latest, most advanced version of the Apple operating system.


There are some nice improvements in this version of the operating system. The field of view in the Face ID feature has been improved.


The phone unlocks 30% faster and you can unlock the phone from different angles.


Apple has transitioned away from 3D Touch to Haptic Touch. For example, when using some of the older iPhone models that feature 3D Touch you are required to perform a hard press to get access to certain menu items or to open the camera app.


The iPhone 11 variants do not have this feature. The iPhone 11 phones feature a haptic engine that requires you to perform a long-press instead.


When you perform a long-press you will feel a small vibration on the display screen under your finger.


When you perform a long-press on an option it will show you additional menu items.


For example, if you long-press on the settings icon you will have the ability to choose between a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device.


I think that this is a great feature that iPhone users will appreciate using.


iPhone 11 Pro Max Performance:


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a very powerful phone, it’s unquestionably the most powerful iPhone that Apple has ever made and one of the most powerful smartphones in the world.


The phone is very fast and responsive whether you’re watching movies, videos, surfing the net, video chatting, or multitasking, you will not be disappointed.


When opening the camera app, sometimes it may take a few seconds to load. When loading a photo in the photo editor it will also take a few seconds. This is the only area in which the phone works slightly slower at times.


Nevertheless, video and audio quality are great on this phone when streaming music on Pandora or any other streaming service, the audio quality is impressive, to say the least.


iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Life:


The battery life has been drastically improved from that of the iPhone XS Max. What’s great about this is the fact that Apple was able to increase the battery capacity without increasing the thickness of this phone.


Before the release of the iPhone 11 phones, there were rumors that these phones would feature a reverse wireless charging feature.


However, that was not true, maybe it was just a rumor, or maybe there were some problems with its functionality so Apple decided to remove it, who knows?


Nevertheless, the battery life on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is great, the battery will last for roughly one and a half day of moderate use.


When charging this phone you have two options, there’s wireless charging, which will require you to spend additional money to buy a Qi Wireless Charging Pad.


Or you can also charge the phone via the fast charger that comes in the box. Charging the phone from 0 to 100% takes about 90 minutes.


My Final Thought:


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a big powerful iPhone with lots of features. If you’re looking for the best iPhone with all the latest bells and whistles, and you’re comfortable with the size of this phone, then you should strongly consider getting it.


However, if you would prefer a smaller iPhone that would be easier to manage you should consider getting the iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11.



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