HTC Will Be Giving Away Free Smartphones Every Friday


The Taiwanese electronics company known as HTC will be giving away free smartphones every Friday until the end of 2016. To qualify, you have to be a legal US resident and you must be over the age of 18. To enter you must fill out HTC’s submission form, it’s very simple.


HTC SmartphoneThe details you need to fill out on the submission form is simple. You will have to fill out your name, the address you would like to have the phone sent to if you were to win and so on.


You must fill out the form on HTC’s website within 24 hours of any Friday before 2017. Here is a list of prizes that are scheduled:


  1. Sweepstakes #1 –  HTC One M9
  2. Sweepstakes #2 –  Desire 626
  3. Sweepstakes #3 –  HTC One M8
  4. Sweepstakes #4 –  Nexus 9
  5. Sweepstakes #5 –  HTC One M9 Ink Edition
  6. Sweepstakes #6 –  Desire 530
  7. Sweepstakes #7 –  HTC One A9
  8. Sweepstakes #8 –  HTC 10


The first giveaway took place last Friday the prize was the HTC One M9, HTC released this phone in 2015.


Even though the One M9 is a year old, it’s still a good phone for anyone who’s not interested in buying the absolute best phone on the market. This phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.


The Free Fone Fridays promo started on Friday, November 4th, and it will continue until Friday, December 30th. So this means that HTC will giveaway 9 smartphones between now and December 30th. This is great because you will have multiple chances of winning before the end of the year.


HTC is also giving us a preview of this year’s Black Friday deals. As part of the Black Friday deals, HTC will have a number of discounts on smartphones and accessories which will be available through the HTC online store.



  1. Hi
    Do you know if there are any plans to carry this promotion through to elsewhere, like Europe for instance? or will it just be occuring in the US.
    I think that it is a pretty nice touch from HTC I certainly haven’t seen this from other manufacturers so I am sure this will generate them some nice publicity.


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