HTC U12 Plus Review – A Phone With No Physical Buttons


HTC U12 Plus Software:


Some of the software on the U12 Plus is good and some of it isn’t. The HTC Sense UI runs in conjunction with the Android 8.0 operating system.


I’m not sure why HTC didn’t opt for the Android 8.1 operating system which is the latest version. Most of the features in the software that work great came from Google.


Features such as the improved notifications, split-screen multitasking, and picture-in-picture work exactly the way they were meant to.


The HTC Sense launcher seems a bit outdated, there are a number of clock widgets which look like they haven’t been updated in years.


HTC has also added a facial recognition feature to the U12 Plus. The fingerprint scanner is extremely fast at unlocking the phone, this feature works fine in a well-lit setting but it struggles in a darker setting.


HTC U12 Plus Hardware And Performance:


The H12 Plus comes with the latest processor the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 along with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.


With the exception of the camera app, this phone is fast and responsive and it works well when playing video games, watching movies or multi-tasking.


The U12 Plus retains the BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition from its predecessor. There are two speakers, there’s a front-facing speaker and a downward facing speaker.


These speakers may not be the loudest speakers on the market, however, when you turn up the volume the audio quality is excellent and there’s absolutely no distortion.


The U12 Plus comes with a pair of ANC earbuds which you can use via a USB-C connection. But there is no headphone jack on this phone.


The headphones that come with this phone feature active noise-cancellation (ANC) which does a great job of blocking noises around you.


HTC U12 Plus Battery Life:


The U12 Plus comes with a 3,930 mAh non-removable battery which supports Quick Charge 3.0 via the charging brick which is included, and it also supports Google’s USB Power Delivery standard.


However, the U12 Plus does not have wireless charging capabilities. It would have been great if HTC provided wireless charging because the back panel is made of glass.


Wireless charging would have been perfect on this phone. The battery will last for roughly one day of moderate use.


My Final Thought:


HTC could have done better with the U12 Plus, I wish the software could have been more responsive and I wish the display screen was brighter.


I think HTC made a huge mistake when they decided to remove all the physical buttons on the phone and replace them with haptic buttons because the haptic buttons do not work very well.


Hopefully, HTC phones will be better in the near future. Please let me know your thoughts about the U12 Plus in the comment section below.



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