HTC U11 Pie Update Has Been Halted After…


HTC U11 Pie update has been halted after reports of bricked phones. Even though the vast majority of Android OEMs have already updated to Android 9 Pie to pre-existing and new smartphones.

HTC U11 Pie Update

HTC started rolling out its update last week, the first HTC smartphone to receive the update was the 2017 HTC U11.


After some HTC U11 phones in Taiwan received the update a major problem occurred. The stored PIN and pattern security codes no longer worked.


When this occurs, it bricks the smartphone because there is no way for the user to unlock it.


As a result of this, HTC has halted the rollout of the Android 9 Pie to all HTC U11 smartphones.


HTC is also offering free service to anyone who updated their phone and can no longer use it.

At the moment, it seems as though the Pie update was only offered to people in Taiwan.


However, if you have been negatively affected by this update you should visit this page to get some help to fix the problem.


If you haven’t updated as yet, you have nothing to worry about because a new update will be rolling out within the next day or so.


Hopefully, there will not be any problems with the next update, this update will expand to more countries shortly after.


According to HTC’s schedule, the HTC U11 Plus will be the next smartphone to receive the Android Pie update followed by the HTC U12 Plus.



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