HTC Sailfish And HTC Marlin Rendered Image


In a recent article which was written on Android Police, they stated that they had gotten some information from a reliable source about the HTC Sailfish and HTC Marlin.


According to the information which was received from the source, it’s unclear whether or not the smartphones will have the Google logo or the HTC logo at the back in the typical position, and both smartphones could come with white software home buttons.

HTC Sailfish And HTC Marlin
Photo Courtesy Of Android Police


Android Police provided the rendered image above as a depiction of what they think the devices may look like. The image provided suggests that the primary camera will not be elevated and the phones may have an aluminum body and they may have a glossy plastic back panel.


The photo indicated that there will most likely be a fingerprint scanner located at the back and the phones may have curved edges around the battery cover.


Both phones are expected to come in white and they may come in an electric blue version as well, the back panel will be a glossy blue.


The phones will have a unique design and they will not bare any resemblance to the HTC 10, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or any other Nexus phone.


The front of the phones will have a front facing camera and a small sensor cluster. The glossy back panel will serve as a window for NFC and other radios.


There are three tiny holes next to the rear camera, one is probably a secondary microphone and the other two are probably for the camera’s auto-focus and secondary sensor.


The Sailfish and Marlin will look slightly different and the dimensions of the phones will be different, I will update this blog post as I get more information about these phones.


  1. Hey Marvin
    I am a fan of HTC and I usually buy their smartphones. I heard that the rended is nearly finished and it going to be sold soon. Do you know how’s the HTC fingerpring scanner works? Is it really good with minimum mistakes?
    By the way – which of the 2 devices are going to be bigger?

    • Hello Ben, I really can’t answer the question in regards to the fingerprint scanner until I actually get to use the phone because the fingerprint scanner may work better on one phone than the other. I’m not sure which of the two phones are going to be bigger, as I get more info I will update this blog post.

  2. I am a huge fan of HTC and it’s sad I haven’t seen much quality from them lately. The sailfish does look promising. Do you know of any release date yet? Also, is this going to be strictly gsm or do you know if there will be a cdma version for us verizon customers? Thanks!

    • Hey Michael, there has been some rumors that the Sailfish will be released in September but HTC has not confirmed it. There hasn’t been any word as yet on whether the phone will be gsm or cdma.


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