HTC Ocean Will Consist Of The HTC Master, HTC Note…


There have been quite a few rumors going around about the HTC Ocean. Smartphone enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Ocean. The general public had a glimpse of the concept a few months ago in a video below.

HTC U UlturaThe phone in the video has no physical buttons and a Sense Touch UI which rely on gestures and Google Assistant to navigate.


Shortly after the video was released Twitter user LlabTooFeR stated that there will be three variations of the phone. The three variations will be Ocean Master, Ocean Note, and Ocean Smart.


The Taiwanese website ePrice has confirmed that rumor when they stated that they had received information which confirms those three devices. ePrice states that the three devices will be announced on January 12.


The same date that HTC has set for an event called ‘For U’ and they stated that the devices will go on sale on January 24. That’s great news for HTC because that means that HTC will be the first major smartphone manufacturer to launch their phones in 2017.


The specs of these devices are still unknown to the general public. So far we know that there will be two different variations of the Note, one with 64GB of internal storage and one with 128GB.


The Master and the Smart are the other two phones in the Ocean series and they are expected to be the main version of the phone. The specs for these devices have not yet been revealed. However, it’s likely that the phones will come with a Snapdragon 835 processor.


There’s a little over two weeks to go until the HTC’s ‘For U’ event. How will the HTC Ocean stack up against the stiff competition that will be coming in 2017? Please let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.



Source: Pocket-Lint



  1. Hi Marvin,
    Thank you for the update about the new HTC device. I must look into the HTC models a little more. I know that the HTC One was viewed as a class act and one of my friends rated it very highly.
    I love Samsung phones, although the recent problems with the Note 7 has dampened their reputation worldwide. Nice to meet someone who loves technology like I do.
    Do you know what the price of the new HTC series will be?

    • Thanks for the feedback Funkydunc, the HTC 10 was also a good phone but due to it’s simplicity it didn’t sell very well. I’m also a fan of Samsung and I’m hoping that they will regain the trust of the general public with the release of the Galaxy S8. At the moment I have no idea what the price of the new HTC phones will be.

  2. This sounds like an interesting phone! It will be cool to see more info on the specs once HTC’s “For U” event goes live. Hopefully the hype around CES will have died down by then so HTC’s announcement really gets out there. You make a good point though, that they have the opportunity to be the first phone launch of the year. If the video shows no physical buttons, I wonder if they will even be omitting an on/off button this time around (although those are still useful when the screens freeze). Their teaser video makes the product very intriguing! I wonder if all 3 versions will be released on the same date?

    • Thanks for the feedback Kiersten, I think all three variations of the phone will be released at the same time. You raise a valid point about the on/off button, I hope there’s a on/off button because I can’t imagine a phone not having it, it’s essential.


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