How To Use Samsung Pay


In this blog post, I will explain everything you should know about Samsung Pay and I will tell you a few good reasons why you should use it.

How To Use Samsung Pay

What Is Samsung Pay?


Samsung Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service provided by Samsung that gives users the ability to make payments using their Samsung phones.


Samsung Pay users are able to link credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. Samsung Pay is a pretty versatile application, accepting most major credit cards, as well as prepaid cards from certain merchants.


How Does Samsung Pay Work?


How Does Samsung Pay Work?Samsung Pay works in conjunction with selected Samsung phones, smartwatches, and tablets that are equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC).


NFC transmits an encrypted version of the user’s debit/credit card information securely to a merchant’s terminal, this process is known as Tokenization.


In addition to NFC, these Samsung devices also support a new proprietary technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MTS) which also transmits the same tokenized debit/credit card information.


What Phones Have Samsung Pay?


What Phones Have Samsung Pay?Samsung Pay is available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and newer in the Samsung Galaxy Note line and it’s available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and newer in the Samsung Galaxy S line.


Samsung Pay is also available on some of Samsung’s mid-range phones as well. On Supported Samsung phones, Samsung Pay will be readily available because it’s a preloaded app.


The icon for the Samsung Pay app looks like the image above. If the app is not on your phone that means that your phone is not supported. This app cannot be downloaded onto unsupported phones.


How Do I Add My Credit/Debit Card To Samsung Pay?


  1. Launch the Samsung Pay app on your phone.
  2. Login to your account, if you don’t have an account you should create one.
  3. Tap ADD CARD in the Samsung Pay app.
  4. Get your credit/debit card and center it in the window on-screen and the app will read your card number. Or you can enter it manually if you prefer to do so.
  5. Verify or enter your additional information such as your name, expiration date and the CVV code on the back of the card.
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions by tapping the screen where it says AGREE TO ALL.


Upon following those steps you will be prompted to select a verification method for receiving a one-time passcode.


You can receive this passcode by EMAIL, SMS, or CALL IN. After receiving the code you must enter it and tap SUBMIT. After completing those steps you can start using Samsung Pay on your phone.


How To Use Samsung Pay?


After you’ve added your credit/debit card to your Samsung Pay account you must tap the “Cards” tab in the upper left corner of the display screen directly below the SAMSUNGpay logo.

Learn To Use Samsung Pay


The last card you used or added will be the one displayed. Samsung Pay gives you the ability to add up to ten different cards to your account.


Using Samsung Pay


If you would like to add additional cards to your account you can do so by tapping on the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the display screen.

Adding An Additional Card


If you would like to choose a different card you can do so by swiping left or right to scroll through all the cards that you have added to your Samsung Pay account.


After you have chosen the desired card, you must tap the “Pay” button located at the bottom of the display screen.


Making A Payment


Then you will be prompted to either place your finger on the phone’s fingerprint scanner or enter your PIN to authenticate the payment.


Enter Your PIN


Using Samsung Pay For NFC Payments:


Using Samsung Pay For NFC Payments:

  1. Hold your phone close to the NFC reader at the payment terminal.
  2. Align the phone’s camera with the NFC logo.
  3. The two devices should be very close to each other.


Using Samsung Pay For MST Payments:


Using Samsung Pay For MST Payments:

  1. Hold your phone close to the terminal.
  2. Align your phone’s camera to face the magnetic stripe card reader.
  3. The two devices should be very close to each other.


At some terminals after completing the steps above you will have to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


While at other terminals you may be prompted to verify that the total amount is correct, or your signature may be required.


Do I Have To Pay A Fee For Using Samsung Pay?


No, you do not have to pay a fee to use Samsung Pay, however, you must have an active data plan on your phone.


Based on the plan that you have with your wireless carrier, additional message and data charges may apply.


Where Can I Use Samsung Pay?


Where Can I Use Samsung Pay?


Samsung Pay can be used at all participating stores. It’s accepted at almost all payment terminals that accept MST or NFC technology.


The majority of payment terminals that use card readers accept NFC payments, this means that Samsung Pay is accepted in many places.


What Separates Samsung Pay From The Competition?


Samsung Pay’s closest competitors are Google Pay and Apple Pay both of these apps are great.


However, they are limited to NFC technology, Samsung Pay isn’t because in addition to NFC it also supports MTS.


As a result of this, Samsung Pay can be used at most stores that have the typical magnetic stripe reader which is normally used for swiping debit/credit cards.


This is possible as a result of some unique technology that Samsung acquired when it purchased a company named LoopPay in 2015.


Thus the reason why Samsung Pay can be used in more places than its competitors.


However, the functionality and availability of MTS vary from one region to the other.


Sometimes you may be required to make software updates in order to make in-store purchases.


Places That Don’t Accept Samsung Pay:


It’s great that Samsung Pay can be used in so many places. However, you should be aware of the places that do not accept it.


If you’re at a terminal that requires you to swipe or insert your card, Samsung Pay will not work.


Can Samsung Pay Be Used Outside Of The US?


Yes, Samsung Pay can be used outside of the U.S. as long as your shopping at a retailer that supports Samsung Pay and you’re in a location where you have wireless coverage.


Why Should I Use Samsung Pay?


You should use Samsung Pay because it’s faster and more secure than paying with your typical debit/credit card.


Now You Know About Samsung Pay:


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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