How To Unlock A Phone Android And iPhone


This is a guide on how to unlock a phone. The main reason why people unlock their phones is because it gives them the freedom to choose whatever cell phone carrier they would like to.

How To Unlock A Phone

If you have an unlocked phone you are not restricted to a particular carrier. This means that you can use an unlocked Sprint phone on the Verizon network instead of having to buy a phone directly from Verizon.


You must have a SIM card to get service because when a phone is unlocked it becomes compatible with SIM cards from different carriers.


As a result of this, you will be able to send text messages, make phone calls, and use your new cell phone carrier’s network.


More and more people have been learning about the benefits of having an unlocked phone. As a result of this, more people have been buying unlocked phones.

Why Do Carriers Lock Their Phones?


Samsung Galaxy S10e
Samsung Galaxy S10e

Carriers lock their phones to their network because they want their phones to be used exclusively on their network. If you have a locked phone it forces you to stay with your carrier.


This is what carriers do to get you to stay with them for a long time without switching services. For example, if Samsung Galaxy phones were locked to the Verizon network and you wanted a Samsung Galaxy phone.


You would have to become a Verizon subscriber to be able to use the phone. However, if you unlocked the Samsung Galaxy phone, then you would be able to use it with a different carrier.


If you’re a Sprint subscriber and you’re happy with the phone you have but you would like to switch to Verizon and take your phone with you.


You may feel as though the process of unlocking your phone is not worth your time. As a result of this, you may end up staying with Sprint for a long time to avoid the process of unlocking your phone.


It’s good to know how to unlock your phone because if you’re comfortable doing it, then it will be easier for you to make the decision to do it.


Buying A SIM For An Unlocked Phone:


SIM Card
SIM Card


Buying a SIM card for an unlocked phone can be a little tricky. Certain carriers sell them but you may have to commit to a service plan if you buy it from them.


This defeats the purpose of having an unlocked phone in the first place. However, there are prepaid SIM cards available from third-party sellers.


This is a better option, if you’re planning a trip abroad you can buy a SIM card with a local phone number in the country you will be visiting.


This gives you the ability to make calls while you’re in that country. Instead of having to pay for international calls.


Unlocking A Phone:


The information that I am going to provide will work for you regardless of who is your phone manufacturer. This information will apply whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.


Sprint Phones: Your phone must be or must have been activated on the Sprint network for at least 50 days and your account must be in good standing.


T-Mobile Phones: Your phone must have been active on T-Mobile’s network for at least 40 days on the requesting line. Your account, even if it’s canceled, must not have an outstanding balance. And the person who is asking for the phone to be unlocked must not have requested more than two cell phone unlock codes per line of service within the last 12 months.


AT&T Phones: Your cell phone must be designed for use on the AT&T network and it must not be reported as stolen or lost. All the installment plans and service commitments must be completed. Early termination fees must be paid in full and cannot be currently active on a different AT&T’s customer account.


Verizon Phones: Verizon does not lock their 4G LTE phones, so you do not need a code to program them to be used with another carrier.


If you unlock a phone before the service contract is up, this will result in early termination fees if you plan on canceling your contract.


Now You Know How To Unlock A Phone:


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