How To Reduce The Need To Remove Your Face Mask While Speaking On A Phone


While individuals in our community have been doing their part in preventing the spread of the coronavirus by wearing face masks, the masks that we wear muffle our voices and, therefore, can make communication frustrating.


In this blog post, I will explain how to reduce the need to remove your face mask while speaking on a phone.


How To Reduce The Need To Remove Your Face Mask While Speaking On A Phone
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This issue is relevant to everyone across the globe right now due to the fact that it creates communication barriers.


Not only in face to face conversations, but it’s also challenging to people who spend lots of time talking on the phone.


The COVID-19 pandemic certainly made this difficult, as face masks are now required in many public places. With the muffled voice caused by the masks, the words become inaudible, which makes it difficult to have a conversation.


As a result of this, many people have a tendency to remove their masks while speaking to make it easier for the other person to understand what they are saying.


However, when you remove your face mask even for a couple of seconds, you are exposing yourself to the hazards of the pandemic.


In this blog post, I will discuss some alternative things you can do instead of removing your mask while speaking on the phone.


Before that, I will discuss the risks involved in removing your mask while speaking to someone face to face.

The Risk Of Removing Your Face Mask:


The Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 spreads primarily by respiratory droplets from person to person. Respiratory droplets pass through the air as you speak, shout, cough or sing.


These droplets can then land in the mouths or noses of people nearby, people can also breathe in these droplets.


As a result of this, masks are a simple barrier that can help to prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching other people and vice versa.


Studies have shown that masks suppress the spray of droplets when worn over the mouth and nose. Imagine removing your mask in a crowded area where there are lots of droplets from different people.


Doing this will increase your chances of becoming infected with the Coronavirus. Thus the reason why people should wear masks and refrain from removing them while in close proximity to other people, especially in public places.


Now you know why removing your mask is dangerous, here are some ways for you to avoid removing your mask when speaking on the phone.


Make An Effort To Speak Louder And Clearer:


This is a simple thing you can do when you’re speaking to someone and you feel the urge to remove your mask. The best way to speak on your phone without removing your mask is to raise your voice while maintaining a natural speaking tone.


It’s important to maintain a natural speaking tone to let the person know that you’re not yelling at them. If the person is having a hard time understanding you it would help if you make an effort to speak slower, louder, and clearer despite your mask.


This is the key to communicating more effectively while wearing your mask.


However, you must be mindful of your surroundings when speaking loudly. If you’re in a quiet place such as a library, church, or place of work, make sure to go outside or make an effort to stand further away from people before answering your phone call.


Remember that wearing a face mask is one of the most important things in this pandemic.


Make An Alternative Decision:


In a situation where you need to answer an important phone call, the only thing that you can do is to make an alternative decision. You can opt to use earphones and just put the microphone near your mouth.


The experts at believe that they can solve this problem by making a face mask with built-in earbuds that’s convenient for communicating through the phone without the hassle and danger of taking your mask off.


Remember that being resourceful and practical will help us to survive the dangers of this pandemic in this type of situation.


Text Rather Than Call:


Text Rather Than Call
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If the call you are receiving is not that important, you can decline the call and text the person instead.


We all know that texting is more suitable for people who have hearing and speech impairment.


By wearing our masks, we can relate and compare our situation to them because of the communication barriers that we are experiencing.


So if you’re in an area where you’re not allowed to have a loud conversation you should communicate by texting if you don’t want to take off your mask to speak on your phone.


The communication barrier is one of the issues that we encountered in this pandemic. Whether speaking on the phone or in person, you should never compromise your safety.


The tips listed above can help you to overcome some of the challenges we face while communicating during the pandemic.


If you have any comments or questions about any of the tips listed above, or if you would like to share some additional tips, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.



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