How To Record A Phone Call On An iPhone


In this blog post, I will show you how to record a phone call on an iPhone. There are a few different methods you can use to accomplish this. I will show you several methods and you can choose the one you like best.


However, before you start recording it’s very important that you tell the other person on the line that you are going to be recording the conversation.


If you start recording the conversation without telling the other person that you are recording the conversation you may be breaking the law, it all depends on your location.

Recording A Phone Call On An iPhone:


Use Google Voice:


Recording A Phone Call On An iPhone:

You can use the free Google Voice account to record phone calls. With the free account, you will have a free phone number, free voice mail, and the ability to record incoming calls.


You have the ability to make outgoing calls with the Google Voice app on your iPhone but you do not have the ability to record them.


Only incoming calls can be recorded and you must activate it in the settings. This can be done through the mobile app or on the desktop.


To accomplish this, you must go to the hamburger menu () > Settings > Calls > Incoming call options.


Recording On An iPhone


You are given the option in the settings for calls to be answered, calls can be answered by the app itself or you can have it forwarded to your cell phone number.


So you’re not actually recording the phone calls on your iPhone, it’s done on Google’s servers which are responsible for the Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.


Recording A Phone Call On Google Voice:


To record a phone call on Google Voice, when you answer the phone call on your Google Voice number, press #4 on the number pad.


The person on the other line will hear a digital voice saying that recording has begun. I guess this is Google’s way of protecting you from illegally recording a conversation.


If you would like to stop recording at any time you can press #4 again or hang up to stop recording. You can press #4 as many times as you like to start and stop recording.


The call recordings will be forwarded to you via your email and they will appear in Google Voice’s list of voice mail recordings.


You will be able to distinguish the difference between a voice mail and a recorded conversation because the recorded conversation will most likely be longer and it will say “Transcription not available.”


Record A Phone Call Using QuickTime Player:


If you have a Mac, you can use the QuickTime Player to record phone calls on your iPhone, this will also work with calls on FaceTime.


For this to work, the iPhone must be on speaker mode and you must answer the phone call on the iPhone.


If you answer the phone call on your Mac, the QuickTime Player will malfunction when you try to use it.


To record a phone call, you must put your iPhone on speaker mode for phone calls or FaceTimes.


You can select Mac as the speaker source if you prefer to do so. Then, go to “File” on the menu bar then select “New Audio Recording”.


Record A Phone Call Using QuickTime Player:


Select the drop-down option next to the record button and you must make sure that “Built-in Microphone: Internal microphone” is checked.




Then click the record button to start recording. If you selected Mac as the speaker source you should stay close to the Mac so it can record everything clearly, then click the stop button when you’re finished recording.


If you are simultaneously charging your iPhone with your computer via a Lightning cable.


You must make sure that “Built-in Microphone: Internal microphone” is still selected and not your iPhone’s mic, or it will not record.


After you’re finished recording, you can play the file back right away, then you can save it if you would like to keep it.


Record A Phone Call Using An External Voice Recorder:


Koolertron Phone Call Recorder
Koolertron Phone Call Recorder


If you’re willing to spend some money, there are some great options to consider. There are external phone call recorders such as Koolertron Phone Call Recorder which will cost you $24.99 on Amazon.


Techerific’s Digital Voice Recorder
Techerific’s Digital Voice Recorder

Or if you prefer a more robust solution, you can get the Techerific’s Digital Voice Recorder which is $129.99 on Amazon. This device will give you the ability to record calls on landlines and cell phones.


Both of these devices are extremely user-friendly so you should strongly consider them.









Record A Phone Call Using An App:


TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder:


TapeACall Pro
TapeACall Pro


TapeACall Pro starts at $3.99 per month. However, there are more long term packages you can purchase if you would like to use this app for an extended period of time.


To record an incoming call, you must put the person on the other line on hold for a few seconds.


Then you must open the app and press the record button, upon doing this, the call will be merged and stored with the recording service remotely.


To record an outgoing call, you must open the app, press the record button, then call the person and merge the call.


TapeACall Pro does not notify the other person that they are being recorded, so you should let them know this at the beginning of the conversation.


Once you’re finished recording you can access the audio file on your smartphone.


Call Recorder Pro:


Call Recorder Pro
Call Recorder Pro


Call Recorder Pro can be used to record incoming and outgoing calls. However, you must set up a three-way call.


To do this, you must put the person on hold, then dial in the recorder via the app, then merge the calls.


This may be a bit complex at first but it becomes easier after you do it a few times. This app provides an easy way for you to manage your recordings.


You also have the ability to download them and share them via email, Dropbox, SMS, and other apps.


The price for using this app is $9.99 and you will get 300 minutes, you also have the option of purchasing 150 minutes for $4.99.


Record A Phone Call Using A Jailbreak Tweak:


If you have an iPhone that’s been Jailbroken, you can buy a tweak from Cydia which will give you the ability to automatically record phone calls.


The Call Recorder tweak costs $2.99, this is significantly less than all of the other paid options I mentioned in this blog post.


Jailbreak Tweak
Jailbreak Tweak

The Call Recorder will record all phone calls by default. However, if you would prefer not to do that, you can create a whitelist of contacts that you would like to record.


Using this method to record phone calls is extremely easy because all whitelisted numbers will be automatically recorded.


You can manually record anyone else who isn’t on your whitelist at any time during a conversation.


You also have the ability to manually stop recording any phone call at any time.


To save, access, and share your recordings is extremely easy. The tweak can transcribe recordings but it struggles to do this and sometimes it’s a bit inaccurate. So you shouldn’t rely too heavily on this feature.


Nevertheless, this is a great method for recording phone calls on an iPhone. The only major drawback is that it’s only limited to jailbroken iPhones.


Now You Know How To Record Phone Calls On iPhones:


Recording A Phone Call On An iPhone


Now you know how to record a phone call on an iPhone. I have given you quite a few different methods to choose from.


If you have any comments or questions about any of the information provided here, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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