How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone (Android Or iPhone)


Have you recently dropped your phone in water? Do you know how to fix a water damaged phone? In this blog post, I will list some simple steps you can follow to minimize the amount of damage that may occur if you accidentally drop your phone in water.

How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone:


How To Fix A Water Damaged Phone


If you have a phone that’s water-resistant and you accidentally drop it in water, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your phone isn’t water-resistant then you need to know what you should and should not do.


If you know that your phone isn’t water-resistant and you’re planning on going to a pool, a lake, a beach. Or anywhere else where your phone may come in contact with water, you should get a waterproof case such as the CaliCase waterproof case for your phone.


However, if your phone has already been submerged in water. You should know that saving a water-damaged phone is a hit or miss and there’s nothing you can do to guarantee that it will be fully restored.


Here are some simple tips you can follow to increase the chances of saving your phone after it has been accidentally submerged in water.


Best Way To Dry Out A Phone:


When you see your phone in water, you should remove it from the water and turn it off asap. You should be aware that the longer the phone stays submerged in water the more difficult it will be to restore it.


After you have removed the phone from the water if it’s on and it appears as though it’s working fine you should turn it off. Then put it on a dry surface with some paper towels underneath it.


Some of the premium phones today that are not waterproof have slight water-resistant capabilities which may increase their chances of being submerged in water for a few seconds.


Things To Avoid Doing After Submerging Your Phone In Water:


To increase your chances of saving your phone after accidentally dropping it in water you should avoid doing the following things:


  • Do not shake your phone, blow it, or use a blow dryer on it because doing any of these things will move the water deeper into the phone.
  • Try to avoid excessively moving the phone around because it may move water deeper into the phone.
  • Do not try to charge the phone because it may short circuit.
  • Do not apply heat to the phone because it may damage the phone.
  • Do not turn the phone on because it may short circuit.


What To Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water:


You must try to remove all the water on the surface of the phone. You can do this by using a paper towel but you must avoid moving the phone around excessively to prevent further damage.


Dry The Phone With A Vacuum:


Using a vacuum cleaner is a great way to remove excess water from the phone without causing further damage. You should remove as much water as you can via the vacuum cleaner.


Dismantle The Phone:

Dismantle The Phone

When dismantling the phone you should remove as much as you can without violating the terms of your warranty. For example, you should remove the back panel of your phone, the SIM card, SD card, and the battery if your phone has a removable battery.


After dismantling the phone you should place everything on some paper towels.


The Final Step:


The final step is to make sure the phone is completely dry. After using the paper towel and the vacuum to dry the phone.


There are a few other things you can do to remove any additional water that may be left in the phone. You can dry the phone by putting it on a table or in a drawer and leaving it for a few days.


Dry A Phone With Rice:


Dry A Phone With Rice

You can also fill a Ziploc bag with uncooked rice, put the phone in the bag and leave it for approximately 24 – 46 hours.


Rice works really well because it does a good job of absorbing humidity and it will remove any residual moisture that’s left in the phone.


Before putting the phone in a bag of rice you must reattach the back panel.


Silica Gel Packs Are A Great Alternative:


If you prefer not to use rice, you can also use silica gel packs. These are the small packets that you find in shoes when you buy a pair of new shoes. You can find the silica gel packs on Amazon.


Now you know how to fix a water damaged phone. So if your phone accidentally falls in water, you should follow these simple steps to get the best results.


These tips will work well for you whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone.



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