How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen


In this blog post, I will thoroughly explain what you need to do to fix a broken phone screen. Most of the phones that people buy today have a relatively big display screen.


How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen


Even if you have your phone in a case if you accidentally drop it, there’s a potential for the screen to be broken.

What To Do After Your Screen Has Been Broken:


After realizing that you have a broken screen on your phone, what you do next depends on the severity.


Is it a small crack? Or is the screen completely shattered? Is the phone still working? Or has it stopped working?


I will suggest some things you can do based on the severity of the damage to the display screen and the phone itself.


You must thoroughly assess the damage to your phone, which means putting your phone on a solid surface in a place where you have good light.


You must do some prodding and stress testing to determine how fragile the screen is and decide whether or not the screen is going to completely fall off.


In most cases, the screen will stay in place after it has been broken. After examining the phone if you feel as though the screen will stay in place and the phone is still working, you can continue to use it until you get it fixed.


If the phone has been seriously damaged, you should get it backed up as fast as you can. Make sure that all your photos, videos, and important files have been saved somewhere else just in case the phone dies and you can’t turn it back on.


If the phone has already stopped working, you should get it fixed by a professional. Here are some different solutions that you should consider.


How To Fix A Broken Phone Screen:


Use Baking Soda:


Fixing A Broken Phone Screen

If the screen on your phone isn’t badly broken you can make a paste from two parts baking soda to one part water to fix it.


You must mix the solution until it turns into a thick paste, then use a cloth to rub it into the screen where it’s broken. This will make it less noticeable for a while.


Use Packing Tape:


Use Packing Tape

If the screen isn’t badly broken and you would like to continue using the phone. You can cover the screen with packing tape.


Line up the tape properly with the phone and cut it with an X-acto knife, this will ensure that you do not cut your fingers if a piece of the display screen falls out while you’re using the phone at a later time.


Use A Screen Protector:


Use A Screen Protector

You can use a screen protector to keep the screen intact after it has been broken. Using a screen protector will look better in comparison to the packing tape.


Doing this will guarantee that there are no seams around the edges of the screen and it will protect your fingers from getting cut while using the phone in the future.


You can also use a combination of the baking soda solution and the packing tape/screen protector to fix the broken screen on your phone.


Have It Fixed By A Professional:


Have It Fixed By A Professional


You can take your phone to a professional to have it fixed. If you have an iPhone, you can take it to the nearest Apple Store.


If you have an Android phone you can have it fixed at BestBuy or UBreakIFix, there are over 400 locations across the U.S.


Find the location nearest to you, BestBuy and UBreakIFix work great for Android and iPhones.


Replace The Screen Yourself:


You can fix the screen yourself, even if you have no prior experience doing this. I will refer you to iFixit, there you will find a great step-by-step guide on how to replace your screen.


Before you decide to fix the screen yourself, you should find out how much it would cost to have it fixed by a professional.


Some phones will be more expensive to fix than others based on the features and complexity of the phone. If it’s not too expensive to have it fixed by a professional then you should choose this option.


If you have a warranty on your phone, you should find out if your warranty will still be valid after you fix the screen yourself.


If you’ve considered the things I mentioned above and you decide that you’re going to fix the screen yourself.


You will have to get some tools to do this, iFixit sells its own handy kit that you can buy to do this.


That tool kit has most of what you need to repair the screen with the exception of the iOpener, this is a tube that you heat up and apply to the phone to soften the adhesives that holds it together.


Now you know about fixing a broken phone screen, you can do it yourself, or have it done by a professional if you prefer to do so.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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