How To Clear Cache For An Android Phone


Smartphone technology has evolved immensely within the past few years. As a direct result of this, the size of the media files on our smartphones has also increased. Thus filling up the cache on our phones. In this blog post, I will give you some tips on how to clear cache for an Android phone.


How To Clear Cache For An Android Phone


In the world we live in today with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all the other social media platforms.


We are constantly sharing data with our friends and relatives in many cases a phone with 128GB of memory may not be enough.


When you’ve used up most of the memory and you’re down to the last few bytes on your phone.


If you cleared the redundant data and the junk files it would make a big difference in the overall performance of your phone.


Our phones have a tendency to slow down when there is too much data in the cache.


By clearing the cache you can regain some internal storage space and your phone will become faster and more responsive.

What Is Cache Data On Android?


Cached data consists of images, files, and scripts that have been stored on your phone by websites you have visited and apps you have used.


Cached data is stored by an app in a space that was reserved specifically for that app so every time you use the app, it will already have some information on your phone so the app can load quicker.


For example, images and scripts for a particular website that you visited can be stored on your phone.


Caching that data helps to speed up the browsing process by making this data readily available the next time you visit that particular website. Thus making the website load quicker.


However, when the cached data starts using too much of your phone’s resources. This negatively impacts the overall performance of the phone and it tends to slow everything down.


Is It Okay To Clear Cache On My Android Phone?


Yes, because cached data is automatically generated by your phone and if you delete it. You will not delete any type of sensitive information such as saved game data, credit card info, passwords, etc.


When Should Android Cache Data Be Cleared?


You should clear cache if your apps start malfunctioning, if your memory is low, or if your phone has slowed down.


Now I will give you a few different methods you can use to clear cache on an Android phone.


Clearing Cache For An Android Phone:


You can easily delete all the cached data via the Settings app on Android. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:


Go to the Settings app + tap on Storage or Storage & memory. Then you will see the amount of memory that’s been used by apps and other media on your phone.


Clear Cache On Android


Tap on Cached data which will show you the amount of cached data on your phone.


Cached Data


Then a pop up will appear asking you to confirm whether or not you would like to delete the cached data. Tap OK or DELETE to delete all the cached data.


delete all the cached data


Clear Cached Data On Android Per App:


You can clear cached data for all your apps at the same time by using the method provided above. However, if you would prefer to delete the cache data of the apps individually, follow the directions below to proceed.


Go to Settings + tap on Applications or Apps.


Clear Cached Data On Android Per App


Tap the app that you want to clear cache for.


Tap the app


On the Application info interface, tap on Storage.


On the Application info interface, tap on Storage


Now you can clear cache data by tapping Clear Cache.


Now you can clear cache data by tapping Clear Cache


You can clear the cache for an individual app by following those steps.


Use Apps:


There is quite a variety of Android cleaner apps you can use to clear cached data on your phone.


You can find these apps in the Google Play store, these apps do a great job of removing cached data but they can also help you to remove unused APK’s.


These apps help your phone to run more efficiently which extends your battery life. Two of my favorite third-party apps for removing cached data are Clean Master and Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster.


Clean Master:


Clean Master


Clean Master is an extremely popular app that has over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.


Aside from cleaning the cached data, Clean Master offers antivirus protection and it boosts the overall performance of your phone, thus extending the battery life as a result of this.


The junk files cleaner in Clean Master cleans junk from ads, junk app data, and the system cache.


Even though it removes APK junk, you will never have to worry about your personal data such as videos or photos because they will not be deleted.


There’s an added feature called Charge Master which can be used to show the battery charging status on the status bar.


Cache Cleaner – DU Speed Booster:


DU Speed Booster


Another great cleaner app is DU Speed Booster & Cleaner, this app has been downloaded over 230 million times.


This app will clean cached data, remove unnecessary junk files, and optimize apps running in the background with the press of a button.


There’s a feature called CPU cooler which will show you the apps on your phone that are using up most of your phone’s resources and it helps you to terminate those apps.


DU Speed Booster & Cleaner gives you an option to uninstall the apps that you do not use regularly.


Either of the two apps mentioned above will help you to clear cached data from your phone.


The steps in the tutorials may vary slightly from one Android phone to another depending on the make and model of the phone.


If you found this information useful, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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