How To Choose The Best Proxies For Your Mobile Phone?


Proxies are everywhere, mobile proxies are among the most sought-after software tools today. After all, the number of Internet browsers doing so via their mobile devices is the highest it’s ever been.


Best Proxies For Your Mobile Phone

These mobile browsers need to learn how to shop for the right proxies to keep their IP addresses masked at all times. Otherwise, users risk compromising their Internet security.


Without a mobile proxy, you leave ‘bread crumbs’ of your personal information on social media platforms and search engines.


That makes it easier for bad people to follow your trail. With mobile proxies, however, you remain perfectly undetectable behind your proxy’s real-time IP. That’s what make’s proxies a must-have extension in the digital age!


The problem lies in figuring out the best IP-masking app to get since there are too many options. A casual search on the internet reveals thousands of results as well as other entities claiming to offer IP masking services.


The truth is, only a small handful of these listed companies offer the latest encryption-based mobile proxies.


Read on to learn more about how to make an informed decision when shopping for the right mobile proxy to install either on your Android, IOS, or any other commonly used Mobile OS.

What’s The Purpose Of Mobile Proxies?


This software helps mobile browsers deal with the CAPTCHA prompts. CAPTCHAs are quite annoying and time-wasting.


Google uses capture to flag off IP addresses exhibiting abnormal behaviors or suspicious web traffic. Whenever a new mobile user hops on to either the 4G or 5G networks, they get assigned unique IP addresses.


Once the mobile users log off, the IP addresses return to the pool, awaiting the next user to use the network.


That’s why you find yourself being forced to go through the awful CAPTCHA security step even though you didn’t do anything suspicious. These proxies assign your device a fake IP address that’s always clean.


Social media managers are among the biggest consumers for mobile proxies. These social media experts often have lots of dummy social media and email accounts at their disposal.


All these accounts are a useful lifeline to social media managers. The accounts provide rare insights into their clients.


However, one slight problem is that there’s no social media outlet that openly allows you to run more than one profile or account. A perfect solution: Use secure mobile proxies to create multiple accounts from different IP locations.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Mobile Proxies:


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Proxy


1. IP Pool Size

Be wary of some proxy companies that exaggerate their IP handling capacities. Most of the time, you’ll find that your mobile proxy service provider is a broker who’s piggybacking on someone’s bandwidth.


As you’d expect, such shared and crowded networks lead to poor mobile browsing performances.


Nevertheless, you will have a short limit to the number of different IP addresses you can play around with. Ask the techies, at customer care, about the size of their IP pool before signing up.


2. Rotating IPs

Always insist on checking out the rotating IP feature on the mobile proxies you want to install. Rotating IPs acts to enhance your online security. This feature allows your mask IP to change without waiting for the back-end IP to change automatically.


Rotating IPs allows mobile users to successfully bypass Internet laws and access content from any geo-location on the planet. Accessing content that’s effectively banned in your region gives you the upper edge when it comes to competing with local businesses.


3. Pricing

Pricing is a crucial issue as far as getting mobile proxies to go. With proxy technology, you get what you paid for. In other words, if you want premium mobile proxy services, then you have to cough up some cash.


The price charged per month or per annum is dependent on your data usage. The more requests you pull from blocked geo-locations, the higher your tab.


Many marketers, especially those on a budget, often resort to going for the cheaper, albeit more unstable, and slow private proxies.


4. Dedicated vs. Shared Proxies

Most private proxies service providers will deliberately mislead their customers and get them on shared mobile proxies. Shared proxy technology is highly discouraged as it exposes you to a ton of security threats while operating in an open network.


Shared servers leave you exposed to massive data breaches. Go with the dedicated servers for a completely secure and anonymous browsing experience.


There’s no need for you to go with a slightly cheaper shared proxy only to get hacked and end up paying ransomware.


5. Up Speeds

As a digital content manager, you want to watch the videos posted by your competitor in another part of the world as fast as possible.


It would help if you always insisted on working with a mobile proxy company that operates with the fastest upload and download speeds.


As a golden rule, mobile proxy services consumers should only hire providers with a server uptime of 99.9 percent. That implies that these servers are always online at any given time.


And that’s excellent news for your brand or business. To ensure you get a fair deal, don’t pay for a lengthy subscription before you’ve satisfactorily tested the uptime and download speeds of your mobile proxies.


6. SSL Proxy Authentication


SSL Proxy Authentication

The top mobile proxies service providers use SSL Proxy encryptions to safeguard the interests of their online users. An SSL Proxy functions as both a client and server. Users get to browse the assigned IP addresses protected by robust 256-bit encryption connections.


SSL proxy technology embedded in the software facilitates the validation of web server certificates for additional protection. SSL also helps with encrypting and decrypting all incoming HTTP requests.


These measures are designed to frustrate any would-be hacker, phishing bot, or malware from accessing any information you’re relaying while online.


In Conclusion


It’s important for you to research the specs, features, and costs of the most popular mobile proxies before settling upon a particular software.


Don’t be tempted to install the ‘free’ mobile proxies advertised out there. Trust us; free software will do you more harm than good.


Free servers are often impossible to operate on, especially with all the annoying ads that keep on flashing on your devices. What’s more, these types of deals make it easier for you to get hacked.


Before you sign up for that monthly subscription deal, ask the mobile proxies service providers to offer a trial run.


The trial helps you to discern the performance, speed, and user-friendliness of the private proxies. Basically, you’re looking to install security software that’s tightly encrypted which has zero downtime.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, or if you would like to share your experience with us. Please feel free to do so in the comment section below.


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