How To Change Your Phone’s Location On Android


In this blog post, I will thoroughly explain how to change the location on an Android phone.


How To Change Your Smartphone's Location


When you change the location on your phone you’re essentially tricking the phone to tell the apps that you are located in a place that you’re not.


When you can do this, in most cases, all the location-based apps on your phone will be fooled.


This may not seem like a practical thing to do because most people use the GPS function on their phone for tasks that require their real location.


For example, if you’re relying on directions to go somewhere, or if you have to take UBER, or look up the weather in your area, the phone needs your real location to accomplish these things.


However, there are some legitimate reasons to change the location on your phone to a fake one.


Faking the location on your phone is a little complicated. I guess smartphone manufacturers didn’t anticipate that the users would be interested in doing this or they would have made the procedure a bit more user-friendly.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a fake GPS location feature built into your phone and most apps will not give you a simple straight forward feature to accomplish this.

Reasons Why You May Be Interested In Changing Your Phone’s Location:


If you use a dating app on your phone, you may be interested in changing your location to make the dating app think that you’re located in a different place.


This is ideal if you plan on moving to a different place to live, doing this will give you the ability to make a new friend before you move.


If you’re someone who enjoys playing a location-based game such as Pokemon Go, you may be interested in spoofing your location.


If you can successfully change your location, you will not have to physically travel to various locations several miles away to pick up a different Pokemon type.


If you can trick your phone into telling Pokemon Go that you are already there, the game will assume that your fake location is real.


Another reason to set up a fake GPS location might be if you want to travel to a specific location that’s thousands of miles away and visit a famous landmark to trick your friends on Facebook into thinking that you’re on an exotic vacation.


You can also use a fake GPS location to fool your friends and family on your location sharing app so you can hide your real location from the app that requests it.


These are some practical reasons as to why someone would want to change their location.


However, if you would like to access geo-restricted websites, then changing your phone’s location will not be enough, you will have to use a VPN.


GPS Spoofing Problems That May Arise:


Before you start changing your location there are a few things you should consider. Even though changing your location can be fun, it isn’t always helpful.


And GPS spoofing isn’t a standard feature on your phone and the location faker will not always work for all the apps that read your location.


If you installed a fake GPS location app on your phone and you used it to change your location on Facebook.


You will discover that other apps you would like to use your real location for will also use the fake location.


For example, the fake location may have worked very well on Facebook. However, when you open your UBER app to get a ride to go somewhere, you will either have to manually adjust the starting location or turn off the location spoofer.


This will also apply to other things such as staying current on your family’s GPS locator, checking in to local restaurants, or checking the weather in your area.


If you’ve tricked the phone’s location system-wide, it will affect the location in all your apps that are location-based.


Something else to consider, there are certain apps, such as Pokemon Go, for example, that have the ability to detect when your location is being spoofed, in certain situations.


If this occurs, your account may be suspended or terminated if you break the rules in certain location-based apps that rely on pinpointing your exact location.


Some apps will not work with a phone that has a fake location. If you go on Google Play and search for “fake GPS” you will see an abundance of apps to choose from.


Some of these apps are free and some of them are paid, and there are some apps that require you to root your phone if you would like to use them.


The information provided below will work regardless of what manufacturer made your Android phone.


How To Change Your Phone’s Location On Android:


If you’re using Android 6.0 or newer there’s a free app you can use that does not require your phone to be rooted.


This app is called Fake GPS Go, it’s extremely user-friendly and it will allow you to fake your location on Android phones.


Install Fake GPS Go To Change Your Phone’s Location:


Install Fake GPS Go To Change Your Phone's Location


Go to Google Play Store to install Fake GPS Go.

Open the app, on the first display screen, tap ENABLE MOCK LOCATIONS.

On the Developer options display screen, tap Mock location app then select Fake GPS Go from the list.


Changing The Location On A Phone

If you do not see this screen, you should enable the developer options then return to this step.


On some versions of Android, you will have to check the box next to the Allow mock locations option when you’re on the Developer options screen.


After doing this, tap the back button on your phone to return to Fake GPS Go, then search for the location you would like to fake on your phone. You also have the ability to double-tap anywhere on the map to drop the pin.


Changing Your Phone's Location


Use the play button located on the bottom left corner of the map to enable Fake GPS Go settings. A brief message should appear on the bottom of the app that says “Fake location engaged”.


Then you can close Fake GPS Go and open Google Maps or any other location-based app to see if your location has been spoofed.


How To Change The Location Back:


To disable the fake location displayed by Fake GPS Go and show your real location you must return to the app and press the stop button located in the bottom left corner.


Your Mobile Phone's Location


Then click “DISABLE MOCK LOCATIONS” to disable your mock location.


Your Phone's Exact Location


If you have a rooted phone with Android 5.01 or older, you will have to purchase a professional version of this app. The professional version will change your GPS location without using a mock location.


This may be useful if the app that you would like your fake location to work on has the ability to detect when you’re using a mock GPS setting.


If you would like to try some additional apps to change your phone’s location there are a few other viable options that you should consider, the apps work in a similar manner to Fake GPS Go.


Some Additional Apps To Change Your Phone’s Location:



Now You Know Everything About Changing Your Phone’s Location:


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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