How To Cast Your iPhone To Your Firestick


In this article, you will learn how to easily cast your iPhone to your Amazon Firestick. This will allow you to cast anything playing on your iPhone right onto the big screen in your home. The process is easy to do and completely free as well. Let’s get right into it.


How To Cast Your iPhone To Your Firestick

Benefits Of Casting To Your Firestick


The main benefit of casting your iPhone to your Firestick is that you can take anything off the small screen and cast it directly to a much larger one.


This is great for games, movies, shows, photos, presentations and so much more. It works with any app on your iPhone that has an option to share or cast content via AirPlay.


Casting works great if you are streaming something from a website on your phone and want to put that on the big screen.


For example, if you’re streaming a live sporting event from a website on your phone, you can easily cast it to your firestick device to see it clearer.


Additionally, this works for tons of firestick apps that you have on iOS such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more.


What You Need To Cast From Your iPhone


To cast your iPhone to your Firestick, you will first need a few things. You’ll need the following:


  • an Amazon Firestick or Android TV box and remote (included with some and available as a separate purchase for others).
  • an iPhone or another iOS device that is capable of sharing content via AirPlay such as photos, videos, apps, and more.  A quick note about sharing content from an iPad, it is possible but there are limitations depending on how old of a model you have so just keep that in mind if you’re trying to share something from an iPad.


Installing AirScreen On Firestick


To screen from iPhone to your firestick, you will need to install AirScreen. AirScreen is a free application that will allow you to cast your phone on a firestick.


Now, while AirScreen is a great app it has not been updated for quite some time. This means there are no new updates with bug fixes or new features either.


If you are fine with using an outdated app that works fine, then it is a pretty simple process to install. If you would rather have a more recent version with bug fixes and new features that’s ok too, I will also show you how to get this.


  1. Go to the Home Screen of your Firestick
  2. Go to Find and then go to Search
  3. Search for AirScreen
  4. Download and Install the free AirScreen app


Installing the AirScreen app on the firestick is extremely easy to do. It takes basically no time and is completely free so you can get ready to cast your favorite content right to your television.


Using The AirScreen App With An iPhone


Once you’ve installed the AirScreen app onto your firestick device, you can find it in the applications section of your firestick. The application is very lightweight and easy to use.


The most important thing to remember to cast your iPhone to your firestick is that they both need to be on the same WiFi network.


This is the first step once you’ve installed the AirScreen app. Make sure your iPhone and Firestick are now connected to the same WiFi network.


How to check your WiFi connection on the firestick:

  1. Go to the Home Screen of your firestick
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Wi-Fi and make sure you see the same wifi network as the Firestick device. If it says connecting, wait for it to connect and then continue.


Once you’ve confirmed that both your firestick and your phone are connected to the same wifi network, open up any app with a share or cast option.


This can be Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, or anything else capable of sharing over AirPlay. Then start playing whatever media you would like to cast such as a video, show, song, etc…


  1. Now click on the Cast button in the corner of whatever app you’re using (it looks like this):
  2. A popup will appear on your phone asking you to choose what device you would like to cast to. Click on the AirScreen option that pops up
  3. Now it should start playing on your firestick! You can play, pause, control volume, and more all from the Firestick remote just like any other media source. That’s all there is to it!


Alternatives To AirScreen Casting App


Alternatives to AirScreen Casting App

There are several alternative apps you can use on the firestick that are different from AirScreen. These apps are similar in functionality and will allow you to cast to your firestick easily from your iPhone device.


Mirror For Fire TV And Fire TV Stick


Mirror uses the same AirPlay and Google Cast technology as you see in apps like Apple Music, YouTube, Netflix, and more. This means it should work with any iOS device out there including iPhone 5 or newer and iPad 3rd generation and above.


Mirror is a free app that allows you to cast your screen from your iPhone directly to Firestick devices.


This can be used for basically anything you want such as playing games on the bigger screen, watching movies, or showing off photos or videos you’ve taken on your phone.


Mirror has no time limits and doesn’t need an internet connection to cast which makes it perfect for any situation where TV mirroring would be beneficial for yourself and others around you too!


Screen Mirroring


Screen Mirroring is a free app from the Amazon Appstore. Although this is the only Android screen mirroring app in the play store and will require you to root your firestick or use adbfire with a pc to install it.


First of all, Screen Mirroring is lite weight and it uses very little battery power in comparison to other apps. Second, it can be used on the Fire TV Stick 4K with no issues.


Third, No need for killing background processes on fire tv or firestick because the screen mirroring process will kill them therefore we’ll have more RAM available.


Lastly, It can cast anything be it your phone camera video, gallery photo, WhatsApp videos, pictures, and more.


Video And TV Cast For Fire TV


This application is only compatible with Android devices, not iPhones or iPads. It does not require an internet connection to cast. All you need is both your Firestick device and your Android phone connected to the same wifi network.




There are many firestick casting apps that will allow you to cast from your iPhone to your Firestick. The best app overall is AirScreen due to the fact that it works seamlessly with the iPhone and also is completely free.


Enjoy casting your iPhone to your firestick devices! If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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