How To Call Someone Who Blocked You On Android & iPhone In 2022


We all have our off days where we get into a fight with a loved one or cause some type of trouble for ourselves. If you found yourself in a situation where you need to contact someone who has blocked you. I will tell you about several methods you can use to do this on Android and iPhone.Call Someone Who Blocked You

Be Sensitive To The Other Person:


How To Call A Person Who Blocked You

Before you start learning how to call someone who may have blocked you, it’s important to focus on the reason why you are calling.


Remember, the person has blocked you because they don’t want to talk to you right now.


When you are getting ready to place a call to the person that has blocked you. It’s a good idea to go through the following checklist to make sure that you’re being sensitive to that person’s feelings:


  • Do you really need to call?: There are some good reasons why you may have to call them (family emergency or personal crisis, for example). Then there are other things that don’t really need to be said Make sure that the reason you’re placing the call is important and, of course, that it’s about them needing to know the issue in the first place.
  • Should you be talking to that person?: Even if you’re calling the person with good intentions, remember that the other person may not want to talk to you. If they’re upset, hurt, or avoiding you for legal purposes, it might be helpful to consider the idea of a proxy to communicate the message.
  • Remember to focus on them and not you: If or when you do get through to the other person directly, remember that you are calling to tell them something. Tell them what you need to tell them, and then hang up or respect their wishes if they need to rant or tell you off.


Regardless of the make and model of the phone that you are using, there are a series of ways that you can call someone who has blocked you. If you have determined that what you need to say to them can’t wait. Here are a few methods you can use to get in touch with them:


Here Are Several Methods You Can Use On Android & iPhone:


  1. Call from a different phone: You can use the phone of a friend or relative to make theHow To Call Someonecall. This also means that you will not have to do anything to your current cell phone.
  1. You can block your number via the “*67” code when placing your call. To do this you must enter the code before entering the number of the person you’re calling, for example: *67-617-801-####. When you do this, your phone number will show up as “Unknown” or “Private”. This will work on landlines and cell phones but it may not work on businesses.
  1. Download an app that will offer you a phone number generator: You can find all sorts of apps online, now, that allow you to use a new phone number simply for the act of placing a phone call to the other person. It might be helpful if you know that the other person won’t answer a “Private Number” or “No Caller ID” phone call, but they will answer a regular number. There are apps such as Burner and Hushed that you can use to accomplish this.
  1. Block your number from view: You can disguise your caller ID info from your phone’s settings menu by doing the following. On an iPhone, you can go to the settings App. Then go to the Phone section of the settings, and select “Show My Caller ID”. Then, move the slider to the “Off” position. On Android, go to Settings > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID. Then choose Hide Number. All your phone calls will be anonymous and you will no longer be blocked.
  1. Call their landline number: Since most landline phones will not allow you to block numbers, you can also get ahold of the other person through a landline. Even if they see your Caller ID (or you block it, like instructed above), a phone call to a landline is often answered simply because it’s so rare these days.


Pick The One That Feels Right:


Call Someone Who Blocked You

When you are thinking about calling someone who has deliberately blocked you. It’s important to focus on choosing the option that you believe would be the most appropriate option for you.


The reason for the block, the person that you are, and the reason that you are calling, are the factors that will ultimately determine what option is going to be the right choice for you.


It’s always tough to reach out to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you, but sometimes certain circumstances force you to break the barrier of communication for the right reasons.


It’s important to remember that you should respect the person’s privacy unless it’s an emergency.


If not, the person may take legal action against you. Calling a blocked number should only be done in serious situations where the other person is going to appreciate the call. It should not be done to harass or threaten the person.


While the best option, of course, is not to get blocked in the first place, knowing how to call someone who may have blocked you is important for making sure that you can get in touch when that moment of need arises.


These methods will help you to get in touch with the person. Just make sure you call for the right reasons!


Calling A Person Who Blocked You On iPhone:


Even though the iPhone has a call blocking feature you must know that it’s not 100% foolproof, in fact, it can be easily bypassed.


All you have to do to bypass the call blocking feature on an iPhone is to hide your Caller ID info and call the person who has blocked your number.


Due to the fact that your Caller ID info is hidden, the person’s iPhone will not be able to detect that the incoming call is coming from a blocked number.


How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked You On iPhone:


  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap on Phone.


Calling A Person Who Blocked You On iPhone


2. Then tap the Show My Caller ID tab located in the Calls section.


Call A Person Who Blocked You On iPhone


3. On the following display screen, Toggle Off on the option for Show My Caller ID.


Calling A Person Who Blocked You On iPhone


After you have disabled the Caller ID feature on your iPhone, you should make a call to the person who has blocked your number.


Get In Touch With A Person Who Blocked You On iPhone

As I stated earlier, the person’s iPhone will not be able to detect that the call is coming from a blocked number due to the fact that your Caller ID info is hidden.


Thus the reason why your phone call will easily bypass the iPhone’s Call block feature of the person you’re calling and their iPhone will ring.


Whether or not the person answers the phone will depend on the way they respond to calls they receive from unknown numbers.


At this stage, if the person answers the call, it will give you an opportunity to speak to them and tell them everything you need to tell them.


However, there’s also a possibility that the person may ignore the call due to the fact that it’s coming from an unknown caller.


If you have called several times and the person has not answered your calls, you should consider calling from another phone that allows them to see the Caller ID info when you call.


Now you know how to call a person who blocked you if you have any comments or questions about any of this information. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.




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