How To Call A Private Number


Receiving a call from a private number can be frustrating, particularly if you’ve received a series of calls from private or unknown numbers. Would you like to know how to call a private number? There are a few different things you can do which will allow you to call back a private number after receiving a call.

how to call a private number

How To Call A Private Number:


  • Call a private number for free via *69
  • Check your phone log history online
  • Use call trace to see private numbers


Call A Private Number Via *69:


Call A Private Number Via *69Telephone companies created a service called Last Call Return which calls back the last number that called you. It makes no difference whether or not the call was private.


This service was created due to the fact that the FCC allows private calling. So it’s only fair that the person who receives a private call can return the call.


This is a free service, to activate it, you must dial *69 before you receive another call.


After receiving a private call you can call the person back, if someone answers you can ask them who they are.


This method works, however, there are some downsides to it that you should be aware of. Your ability to use this method depends on your phone service provider.


For example, some phone service providers will allow you to call the private number back but they will not let you know what the number is.


While others will tell you the number via a computer-generated voice and they will provide you with an option to place the call if you would like to.


If you’re planning on using this on a cell phone, you should know that it does not work with all cell phone carriers. In the U.S. it works on Verizon and T-Mobile. However, there may be other carriers within the U.S. who offer this feature that I’m not aware of.


Some carriers limit the amount of time a person can wait to activate the *69 to 30 minutes after they received a private call.


There is a possibility that using *69 might make your problem worse. Many of the blocked calls that people receive are automated callers who are trying to confirm that the numbers they are calling are active so they can sell them to scammers.


If you received a private call from one of these automated callers and you call them back, this will let them know that your line is active.


Check Your Phone Log History Online:


Check Your Phone Log History Online


You can view your cell phone log history online via your telephone service provider. Your phone log history will show all incoming and outgoing calls that were made to and from your phone.


You can access this info online by logging into your account. What’s good about this is, sometimes phone numbers of private callers will be listed here.


You will be able to find the number of the private caller by checking the phone log on your phone to find out the time/date that you received the blocked call.


Then you can look at your call log online and match the time/day you received the private call.


The amount of time call records are kept varies from one phone carrier to another. However, these records are kept anywhere from 1 to 7 years and they can be used by law enforcement officers for criminal investigations.


Use Call Trace To See Private Numbers:


Use Call Trace To See Private NumbersThere are some phone service providers who offer a service to trace phone calls. This service was implemented to stop unwanted harassing phone calls.


In many cases, this service can be activated by dialing *57 or #57.


This service is offered for free with some phone service providers, while others charge a small fee.



If you’re receiving harassing phone calls from private numbers you should use one of these methods to get the number. If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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