How Often Should I Clean My Phone?


How often should I clean my phone? If you’re an avid smartphone user you have probably asked yourself this question before because this is not something many people talk about.

How Often Should I Clean My Phone?

We’re in contact with bacteria on a daily basis, there are microorganisms everywhere. However, most of these microorganisms are either beneficial or benign.


Nevertheless, we touch lots of different things with our hands and we hold our phones.


A sick person’s excrement is dangerous because it has a tendency to harbor germs that cause illnesses. While the excrement of a healthy person is not dangerous.

Your Phone May Be Covered With Bacteria:

Your Phone May Be Covered With Bacteria

If you haven’t cleaned your phone in a while it may be covered with a layer of bacteria. But even if your phone is covered with bacteria, most of the bacteria will not pose a serious threat to you.


Assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan Emily Toth Martin, says “It’s unusual that the general bacteria healthy people leave on surfaces like our phones will make us sick.”


However, there are germs that can sicken you out there and due to the fact that many of us touch our phones while eating. This warrants extra caution in regard to these devices.


Should You Be Concerned About The Bacteria On Your Phone?


Your Phone May Be Covered With Bacteria

Absolutely, because bacteria that cause illnesses such as common colds, infections, and food poisoning can make you sick if they enter your body, says Philip Tierno a clinical professor of pathology and microbiology at New York University’s Langone School of Medicine.


Tierno says that these bacteria tend to cling to your hands and then slough off onto the foods you put in your mouth, but they can also gain access to your system if you touch your ears, nostrils or breaks in your skin, such as cuts and scrapes.


Your phone is also a vehicle that can effectively transfer infectious organisms. If you do not have any open wounds on your hands it doesn’t matter how dirty they may be if you wash them well with soap and water before you eat, you’ll be fine according to Tierno.


However, if you pick up your phone that’s covered with bacteria after you washed your hands, the same phone that you touched after holding a bag with raw meat in the grocery store, then you’re putting yourself at risk.


Tierno says the more people that touch a particular surface, the greater the risk of sickness and contamination if you touch that surface as well.


If you touch a greasy subway pole then hold your phone, your phone will be contaminated with whatever germs that your hand picked up from the previous passengers who touched that pole.


How Often Should I Clean My Phone?


Your Phone May Be Covered With Bacteria

You should clean your phone once a day with a disinfectant wipe. This is the best way to keep your phone clean if you’re a heavy smartphone user who spend lots of time using your phone on a daily basis.


However, Tierno says if you do not use your phone while you eat then you do not have to be as diligent about cleaning your phone.


If you use a rubber phone case, it’s extremely important that you clean it regularly because it’s easier for that bacteria to cling to that material in comparison to the hard plastic, metal, and glass that your phone is made of.


The raised edges where the protective case and your phone come together has a tendency to trap more bacteria than the smooth surfaces of the phone.


How To Clean My Phone?


How To Clean My Phone?

You can clean your phone with a lint-free cloth and disinfectant. If you avoid cleaning your phone because you’re worried about the potential damage that may occur, you should turn off your phone before you clean it.


Apple and other smartphone manufacturers recommend that you turn off your phone before cleaning it and try to avoid getting any liquid into the phone’s charging port or any other openings.


Apple also recommends that you do not spray the disinfectant directly onto the phone. Instead, you should spray it onto a lint-free cloth then use the cloth to clean the phone.


Now you know how often you should clean your phone and how to clean your phone. If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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