Google Pixel XL Review – The Best Phone Of 2016


The Google Pixel XL is the best phone of 2016, it’s easy to update, powerful, sleek, and attractive. The Pixel XL is the best Android phone that has ever been made. The phone has a unique look and feel to it which sets it apart from the competition.

Google Pixel XL Review

Pros Cons
  • Great camera
  • Great Android software
  • Assistant is phenomenal
  • Not water resistant
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Google Pixel XL Introduction:


The Pixel XL is a premium phone that’s made primarily of aluminum and glass. The phone has a good contrast of materials, the texture is great, and the shape of the phone fits nicely into the contours of your hand.


This makes it extremely easy to handle the phone. There’s a glass panel located at the back of the phone, the glass is attractive but it has a reputation for collecting fingerprints.


However, the glass panel at the back of the phone is small and it’s located at the top of the phone. Therefore it should not collect too many fingerprints. The only part of the phone that collects a bit of fingerprints is the fingerprint sensor because it’s coated in glass.


The glass may be attractive but it makes the phone a bit fragile. If you accidentally dropped the phone on concrete on one of its corners the glass may not break. However, if the phone falls flat on the back or the front the glass panel will probably break.


I think Google should have opted for corning gorilla glass which is unbreakable glass, rather than using the glass they used.


If you’re concerned that you may accidentally drop the phone and the glass will break. You should consider getting a case for it, luckily Google gives you the opportunity to design your own case.


It will cost $40 to design your own case and if you decide to do it. You will have the ability to put your own photos, maps, or art on the case, that’s quite a bit of creative control.




The Pixel XL comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM.


The phone is a 5.5-inch phone, with a Quad HD screen it’s large but it’s easy to handle it because the edges of the phone have small ridges. This is a good thing because it makes it easier to hold the phone.


When it comes to internal storage there are two different sizes to choose from there’s the 32GB and the 128GB. The phone does not have a MicroSD card slot so the storage is not expandable.


If 128GB isn’t enough for you and you have lots of photos you will have unlimited photo storage with Google Photos at full resolution on the Pixel XL.


The volume rocker and the power buttons are located on the right side of the phone. The power button has a different texture to it than that of the volume rocker which makes it easy to tell them apart by touching them.


There is a SIM card slot located on the left side and a headphone jack at the top of the phone. Located at the bottom of the phone are the speakers and a USB Type-C port.


There are some new phones on the market that hasn’t retained the headphone jack and there are quite a few people who are angry about this. If you’re one of those people you may appreciate the headphone jack in the Pixel XL.


Specs And Performance:


The display screen on the Pixel XL is stunning the 5.5-inch Quad HD display screen has a 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution. The phone is fast and extremely responsive, apps open really fast.


When you’re multi-tasking and moving from one app to another everything is very smooth there is absolutely no lag whatsoever. The speed of the phone is due to the Snapdragon 821 processor and the 4GB of RAM that it possesses.


Google Assistant:


There is a ring around the home button, and the navigational buttons are now solid white, this lets you know that Google Assistant is available.


Google Assistant is a Google bot that has artificial intelligence which was implemented to help you with anything that you may need on the phone.


For example, if you would like to translate text into another language, check your email, or do a search query. Google Assistant can do this for you. The more you use this feature the more it will learn from you and the more personalized it will become.


User Interface:


The Pixel XL has pure Android this is one of the factors that make the phone run so smoothly.


One of the things I really like about the Pixel XL is the fact that it has a unique launcher. And a set of unique features that you will not find on any other phone that is currently on the market.


The app drawer icon has not been retained, however, you can access all your apps with one swipe from the bottom of the screen. I think the removal of the app drawer icon was a good decision on the part of Google. As a result of this, there’s more space in the main interface.


The google search bar has been retained, but it’s hidden. To access the search bar you must tap on the G logo in the upper corner. The search bar will show up along with a microphone for voice queries. The Google Now cards are also available on the Pixel XL.


The user interface really has a unique look to it. There are a few things on the interface that will not be available on other Android Phones when Android 7.1 arrives.


For example, the blue accents which appear throughout the interface, the new caller ID screen, and the black notification drawer with a blue brightness slider.


The Pixel XL may be an Android phone but it has a few things in common with the iPhones. There’s a new feature which is called Quick Actions, this is similar to Apple’s 3D Touch.


To access this feature you must press and hold an icon and you’ll have shortcuts such as “New Incognito Tab” on Google Chrome.


At the moment this feature is exclusive to Google apps, there are quite a few Google apps which use the API. However, other developers will probably add shortcuts for their apps in the near future.


Another new edition is a new night mode feature called Night Light. This feature removes blue hues from your screen which is supposed to help you sleep at night.


It works because it helps your eyes to rest while using the phone at night. This is similar to the Night Shift Mode on iOS, the Pixel XL offers an amazing Android experience.




Google Pixel XL Camera


The primary camera on the Pixel XL is a 12.3-megapixel camera, this is an excellent camera that takes amazing photos.


The camera focuses and processes the automatic HDR + mode extremely fast. The saturation and colors in the images have been increased to produce photos that look more natural.


The quality of photos taken in a well-lit setting is absolutely amazing. However, when taking photos in a darker setting the images are good and relatively colorful but not as sharp as they are when taking pictures in a well-lit area.


The camera app is great, there are a few features which are exclusive to the Pixel XL. These features include focus lock, an exposure slider, white balance, and tap-to-focus.


The Pixel XL takes 4K videos at 30 frames-per-second, there’s a new feature called gyro stabilization.


This feature gets gyro data roughly 200 times per second which will enable you to have a smoother video. The quality of the videos recorded are extremely smooth and stable.


However, when recording a video if you turn quickly the video gets slightly distorted. You must turn slowly to maintain the quality of the video.


Another great feature that’s exclusive to the Pixel XL is unlimited photo storage. In the Photos app, you have unlimited full-resolution Google Photos storage.


Battery Life:


The battery on the Pixel XL will last for about a day and a half of moderate use. The battery life is about the same is it is for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 7 Plus.


The Pixel XL has quick charge technology which enables the phone to charge to about 70 percent in 15 minutes.


My Final Thought:


I really like the Pixel XL, the display screen, the unique user interface, the camera, and the overall performance of the phone is second to none.


If you’re due for an update and you’ve been waiting for a great phone, this is the phone to get. You can see the Google Pixel XL on eBay.


Google is relatively new to the smartphone industry, hopefully, Google phones can keep up with the rapidly evolving smartphone industry. Please let me know your thoughts on the Pixel XL in the comment section below.



  1. I have a friend who told me about getting a google pixel phone. I am sort of hesitant on it because most people I know are either apple fans or samsung fans. However, google has a reputation for creating great technologies and if the phone can connect to the google drive (which has a lot of storage space) then that’s already one plus. I am not sure why they bother putting finger print recognition at the back of the phone, but it sounds pretty cool. I will talk to my friends about it to see if it’s worth getting it.

    • You should listen to your friend, I like Apple and Samsung as well because they make great phones. However, the Pixel XL has a bit more to offer.

  2. The Pixel XL is amazing. I have to agree with what you’re saying here. Although I have to point out that despite the integration of the Google Assistant, it doesn’t really justify the price tag as much.

    Sure, it’s a powerful phone with a decent battery life, but the OnePlus 3, for me, has more value for your money.

    • The OnePlus 3 is a good phone but I like the Pixel XL much more, I guess what you pay for is what you get, premium smartphones have been getting more expensive.

  3. I currently have an Iphone 5C, which is quite a good phone, however I am now due an upgrade from my phone provider. Is this Google Pixel phone available to get with a bundle contract or is it just available to buy as a one off? I would love this phone but could not afford it full price.

    Thanks, Dan.

  4. Thanks for putting this all together. Ever since a relative had one of the earlier Google phones, I’ve been wanting one myself. There was just something about the clean interface and lack of 3rd part branded bloatware that was super appealing. Not to mention getting all the updates before me. I’ve always had Android phones and something crazy would have to happen to ever get me to consider Apple. I’ve had HTC and Samsung mainly but haven’t been too impressed with my most recent ones. i almost went to the LG Google phone but it didn’t excite me the way that the Pixel does. This is definately my next phone. Your review has confirmed my thinking. Thanks


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