Samsung Galaxy 8 Will Be An Extremely Fast Phone Says T-Mobile


In recent years T-Mobile has significantly improved their LTE technology and they continue to do so on a regular Samsung Galaxy S8 An Extremely Fast Phonebasis. T-Mobile has been testing their carrier aggregation technology across three different spectrum bands. T-Mobile’s most recent attempt to enhance the speed and performance of their LTE technology is called “LTE-U“.


The implementation of this new LTE-U technology will increase the speed and overall performance of their LTE service.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be one of the fastest smartphones that have ever been made.


The speed of the Galaxy S8 coupled with the new LTE-U technology creates the potential for an amazing user experience.


The LTE-U speed will pave the way to the new Gigabit LTE technology. On The Samsung Galaxy 8, users will be able to automatically tap into the first 20 MHz of unused unlicensed spectrum of 5 GHZ.


The LTE-U will use the least congested channels and it will go back and forth until it finds the least congested spectrum.


When this occurs the stream will be faster and much more efficient because there will never be any congestion. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ users will be the first ones to get access to this new technology.


T-Mobile recently stated that these users will be able to tap into the AWS-3 spectrum, and this is faster and better.


Metro PCS and T-Mobile customers can pre-order the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on T-Mobile’s website right now. If you pre-order for $30/month on the T-Mobile’s Installment plan ($30 down, FRP: $750), customers will get FREE Gear VR with controller and Oculus content.


That’s a $180 value, MetroPCS customers will get the same VR deal if they purchase the Galaxy S8 when it’s released on April 21.


If you’re a smartphone enthusiast who is due for an upgrade and you’re planning on buying a new phone sometime soon. You should strongly consider the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.



  1. Samsung is always upping their game. I’ll admit. I was never a fan of their phones before. I preferred HTC phones back in the day but now it doesn’t seem like HTC even knows what it’s doing in the smartphone market. Samsung on the other hand know’s what’s up and I think they’ve got a solid phone to compete with the likes of whatever Apple might have in store for their September release

    • Rhys, I think it will be interesting to see how the Samsung Galaxy 8 stacks up against the iPhone 8 both because of them should be great phones.

  2. Very good information, helps me to know which is the best cell phone, with so much technology at my fingertips is better make sure to have the ideal phone, I would like to know if samsung 8 may have in the future the same problems as samsung 7 , It seems that not but I want to be sure?

    • Hi jairo, Samsung did lots of testing on the Galaxy 8 and they are confident that it will not explode like the Galaxy 7 did. Samsung has big expectations for the Galaxy 8.


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