Doogee S90 Review – A Tough, Rugged, Modular Phone


The Doogee S90 is a modular smartphone, we’ve seen a few of these in the past but I guess it didn’t catch on. In this Doogee S90 review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this phone.

Doogee S90 Review

Pros Cons
  • Extremely rugged
  • Long battery life
  • Gesture control
  • Camera quality isn’t the best
  • Night Vision module could have been better
  • Bulky and heavy
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Doogee S90 Introduction:


The S90 is a rugged phone and the modular components are bulky. However, they extend the capabilities of the phone.


The tagline for the S90 is “The Most Versatile Unbreakable Smartphone.” Does the phone live up to this? I will answer that question as this review progresses.


If you’re an adventurous person who enjoys doing lots of different activities outdoors this may be the phone for you. The S90 is not the most attractive phone on the market by any means.


The phone has thick rubber bumpers on the corners, and it has flaps to cover all the ports on the phone. There are lots of visible screws on this phone as well.


The S90 has an IP68/IP69K water and dust resistant rating. This means that the phone can be submerged in up to 5 ft of water for up to two weeks and withstand temperatures from -30 to 80° C without having any adverse effects on the phone.


This phone also meets military standard 810G for humidity, salt spray corrosion, mold, explosive gas, vibration, and ballistic shock.


However, the display screen on this phone is made from Gorilla Glass 4 instead of the latest version Gorilla Glass 6.


I’m not sure why this was done, nevertheless, you can solve this problem with a screen protector.


Doogee S90 Modular Components:


Doogee S90 Modules


The S90 comes with a variety of modular components that you can attach to the back panel of the phone.


These modular components include:

  • A power module which adds a 5,000mAh battery
  • A wireless charger which allows you to conveniently charge the phone without opening the flaps
  • A walkie talkie module which gives you the ability to talk to someone if you have no reception
  • A gamepad which can be used for playing video games
  • A night vision camera


Power Module:


The power module is great because we all want longer battery lives on our phones. The S90 comes with a massive 5,050mAh battery.


When you attach the power module to the phone you will get over 10,050mAH when the battery and the power bank are at full capacity, that’s insane.


The phone will last for days on a single charge, this is ideal for anyone who will be away from home for an extended period of time.


Wireless Charger:


The 10W wireless charger that’s supported by the S90 works well when charging the phone’s battery. However, you cannot charge the power module via the wireless charger.


It would have been great if this was possible, the power module comes with its own USB-C connector for charging it but it cannot be charged wirelessly.


Walkie Talkie Module:


The walkie talkie module is good because it adds walkie talkie capabilities to your phone. To be able to use this feature you need someone else with another S90 or a walkie talkie.


You can use this feature within 6-10Km range and it covers 400-800MHz frequencies. The great thing about this is, if you’re in an area where you have no reception the walkie talkie will still work.


Night Vision Module:


On paper, the night vision module may have seemed like a great idea to Doogee. However, this camera does not perform very well at night.


The picture quality is poor when taking photos at night. The Samsung Galaxy Note S9 and the Google Pixel 3 does a much better job when taking photos at night.


One of the main drawbacks of using the modules on this phone is they disrupt the GPS and the compass on the phone.


This is due to the magnets that are used in the modules, this may be a problem for someone who’s out hiking who is relying on the GPS to navigate their way around.


The modules are not perfect by any means and everyone who is interested in the S90 may not be interested in the modules.


However, the modules are great because they extend the capabilities of the phone. If you would prefer to buy the S90 without the modules you can do so and you can get for the phone for $300.


If there are certain modules that you like, you can purchase them separately if you prefer to do so, the prices vary between $30 – $60 per module.


If you would like to purchase the entire package, which includes the S90 and all the modules the price is $450.


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