Cell Phone Without A Camera

If you’re looking for a simple cell phone without a camera that’s extremely user-friendly, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will suggest two cell phones and you can decide which one is best for you based on the features and functionalities that they possess.

Cell Phone Without A CameraSamsung A157V:

Cell Phone Without A Camera


This is a flip phone which is available exclusively on the AT&T network. The A157V  is only available in black and it comes with the typical AT&T go package which consists of an activation manual, SIM card, and a charger.


Design, Hardware, And Battery Life:


A flip phone such as the A157V is more durable than the average smartphone that’s currently available on the market today. The A157V has a nice look and feel to it, there’s a nice contrast of texture and the hinge that holds the phone together when it’s closed is extremely durable.


This phone does not have a camera and it comes with a 700mAh removable battery, this may not seem like much. However, the display screen on this phone is 1.77 inches.


As a result of this, the battery will last for 2 to 3 days of moderate use, that’s amazing. The design of the battery cover slightly compromises your ability to get a good grip on the phone.


Call Quality And Sound Quality:


The call quality on the A157V is good when you’re speaking to someone. And when the phone is ringing it’s loud and clear, it does not sound distorted at all.


Features And Functionalities:


The A157V is a simple phone that does not have very much features. As I stated earlier, this phone does not have a camera or a radio.


There’s a WAP/xHTML browser and the Yellow Pages application that’s shown in the user manual has been canceled.


The Samsung A157V is a simple flip phone which will work well for someone who needs a phone primarily for talking and texting.


No Camera Casio G’zOne Ravine 2:


Cell Phone Without A Camera

The Ravine 2 is a tough durable phone that’s available exclusively on the Verizon network. The Ravine 2 is built to withstand just about any type of physical condition.




The Ravine 2 is not a sleek, attractive phone by any means. Its dimensions are 4.33 in x 1.99 in x 0.83 in HWD and it weighs 4.85 ounces.


This phone has some unique features that set it apart from other phones. These features are the ring around the external display screen and a ribbed hinge.


The phone is made primarily of metal and a type of thick plastic, nevertheless, the Ravine 2 is easy to manage with one hand and it’s easy to fit it into your pocket.


Casio, the company that made the phone claims that it can withstand vibration, shock, dust, humidity, salt fog, high and low temperatures, as well as immersion in water. This phone is built to last.


The sturdy hinge and the thick plastic contributes to the durability of this phone.


The Ravine 2 has a 1.38 inch external LCD display screen, this display screen has a wide array of colors.


This phone does not have a camera, the back panel of the phone looks and feels extremely secure to keep out dust and moisture.


However, it’s still relatively easy to remove it, the Ravine 2 has a microSD card slot and a 2.5mm headset jack so you will have to use an adapter for most headsets.


When you flip the phone open, the display screen on the inside measures 2.2 inches and it has a resolution of 320×240 pixels.


Based on these specs, you should know that this display screen is not the equivalent of the display screen that you would get on a premium smartphone.


Needless to say, the graphics look fine and the colors on the display screen are bright.


Features And Functionalities:


The Ravine 2 is used mainly for talking and texting. The phone book has the ability to hold up to 1,000 contacts. There’s also a PTT phone book that holds an additional 500 contacts.


You have the ability to connect with other Verizon PTT phones and Verizon’s Backup Assistant will store all your contacts on their servers.


Some other features include voice commands and dialing, Bluetooth, a calendar, a stopwatch, a world clock, an alarm clock, and a notepad.


The battery in the Ravine 2 will last for 4.68 hours of talk time or 21.1 days of standby time.


If you’re looking for a simple cell phone which will allow you to text and talk that does not have a camera, you should consider getting the Ravine 2.

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