Cell Phone Related Head And Neck Injuries Are Increasing


A cell phone is like a double-edged sword because it’s extremely convenient and it gives us the ability to do so many things.

Cell Phone Related InjuriesHowever, a cell phone can also be dangerous, experts who participated in a recent study which was published on jamanetwork.com analyzed 20 years of data from emergency rooms.


When analyzing the data collected from the emergency rooms experts discovered that there was a recent spike in the amount of cell phone-related injuries to the head, neck, face, and eyes.


Most of the injuries that occurred were minor cuts and bruises but there were also some severe injuries such as fractures and damage to internal organs.


Some of these injuries had the potential risk of long-term complications, according to the study that was published a few days ago.


Many of the cases in which people sustained injuries occurred as a result of them being distracted by their phones, such as people walking or driving while using their phones.


Other injuries were caused by the phones themselves, such as the phone hitting someone in the face or the battery exploding.


“This study’s findings suggest that growing dependence on cell phones in modern life may require that steps be taken to educate and promote safe practices for using these devices.” the study says.


This study which was published on jamanetwork.com studied data from the U.S. emergency departments from January 1998 to December 2017.


The research discovered that head and neck injuries gradually increased then spiked in 2007 as smartphones emerged.


“These devices have become a necessary but potentially dangerous tool used by most people in the United States,” the study says.


The study used data from 100 hospitals which recorded 2,501 patients with these injuries during the study period.


The researchers estimated that the total number of patients was 76,043 nationwide.


The study also discovered some instances of injuries that occurred while people were playing augmented reality video games.


The study states that there were an estimated 90 injuries that occurred as a result of people playing Pokémon Go.


The author of the study Dr. Boris Paskhover told the Associated Press that people must be more careful and they should not allow themselves to be consumed by their phones.


Dr. Paskhover said after seeing patients who tripped or sustained injuries while using their phones made him take a closer look at the problem.


Smartphone addiction is real, we must be aware of our surroundings at all times especially when we’re using our phones in public.


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