Cell Phone History On The First Cell Phone

In this brief blog post, you will learn about the cell phone history on the first cell phone. The first cell phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper.


Since the advent of cell phones, the cell phone industry has changed immensely.   The look and feel of the phone, the size of the phone, shape of the phone, and the call quality are completely different today than they were back in 1973.


The First Cell Phone - Cell Phone History

Cell Phone History On The First Cell Phone:


As technology expanded throughout the years the cell phone has evolved into the smartphone. A smartphone is basically a cell phone with much more capabilities.


How Did The Cell Phone Evolve Into The Smartphone?


IBM debuted a prototype to the first smartphone which they referred to as “Angler”, on November 23, 1992, at the COMDEX computer and technology trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Angler was the first device to combine a cell phone and a PDA into one device.


This device allowed the user to make and receive phone calls, facsimiles, and emails.


The Angler had many PDA features including an address book, notepad, calendar, maps, stocks, and news.


The IBM Simon Was The First Smartphone:


IBM Simon - Cell Phone History

The executives at BellSouth changed the name of the device from the Angler to the “Simon Personal Communicator” aka IBM Simon before its public debut at the Wireless World Conference in November 1993.


BellSouth had initially planned on selling the phone in May 1994. However, there were some software problems that needed to be fixed.


After the software problems were fixed the phone went on sale to the general public from August 16, 1994 to February 1995.


IBM sold approximately 50,000 of these phones, the battery life on this phone was one hour.



Smartphone Technology Today:


A smartphone today has much more capabilities than that of the original cell phone or the IBM Simon.


A modern-day smartphone can be used for talking, texting, sending emails, navigation, taking pictures, making videos, video chatting and much more.


The smartphone industry has come a long way since the advent of the first cell phone.


Top smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, and OnePlus have made some great phones within the past few years.


With the release of every new phone, these smartphone manufacturers have been pushing the envelope.


They continue to add more features and functionalities in an effort to stay ahead of their competition.


The arrival of a new premium smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy phone or an iPhone has a tendency to create quite a bit of excitement among avid smartphone users.


Avid smartphone users are always trying to find the latest smartphone with the best camera, the most attractive display screen. The best battery life, and the best new features.


We all have a tendency to rely on our smartphones on a daily basis because it’s extremely convenient. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t become an addiction.


Smartphone manufacturers have done a great job transforming the smartphone from a luxury item to a necessity. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I decided to get rid of my smartphone.


The smartphone industry is in a great place right now because there are so many great smartphone manufacturers. It gives the consumer lots of different choices to choose from.

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