Cell Phone Etiquette At The Workplace And Elsewhere


Cell phones haven’t been around for a very long time, many of us enjoy using our phones on a daily basis. However, not many of us know about proper cell phone etiquette. In this blog post, I will list some important etiquette tips that you should follow.


Cell Phone Etiquette At The Workplace


Some years ago cell phones were considered a luxury item that people used primarily for talking and texting. However, things have changed, since the advent of commercial cell phones, cell phone technology has grown and continues to grow at a rapid pace.


A modern-day cell phone has many more features in comparison to a cell phone which was released 10 years ago. Thus the primary reason why the cell phone has changed from a luxury item to a necessity.


There are many people today who spend more time interacting with people on their phone rather than in person.


Many of these people can’t have a face to face conversation with someone without being distracted by their cell phone. These people need to learn some etiquette.

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips:


1. Do Not Use Your Phone While Driving: Many cities around the U.S. have banned cell phone use while driving.


You should avoid talking or doing anything else on your phone that will distract you from driving when you’re driving. However, if you must talk to someone while driving you should do it hands-free via a Bluetooth connection.


2. Think Carefully Before Sending: Many people are spontaneous when sending an email, a text, or posting something on social media. You must remember that once you send an email, text, or post something on social media, it’s live and there’s no turning back.


If it’s on a social media platform you can delete it but there’s a good chance some of your followers may see it. A survey done by YouGov Omnibus survey, states that 57% of Americans regret a post they’ve published or a text they’ve sent.


Try to avoid sending anything when you’re angry or intoxicated, and try to avoid sending inappropriate photos.


People have a tendency to regret these things at a later time. You should think about the repercussions before you act.


3. Don’t Turn To Your Phone For Support: If it’s your first day on the job or your first day of school and you walk into a room that has lots of people.


However, you don’t know any of these people and you may feel a little uncomfortable. You should not turn to your phone. It would be better to engage with the people and have a face-to-face conversation.


So turn your phone off or put it on silent and spend some quality time practicing your face-to-face interaction.


4. Sometimes It’s Best To Hide Your Phone: If you’re going on a date, attending an important meeting for work. Or attending some type of social gathering with friends and family. It would be best to keep your phone hidden.


If you place your phone on the table the people around you may feel as though your phone is your main priority.


A survey done by Forbes discovered that 84% of working professionals believe that using your cell phone during a meeting or any type of formal gathering is unacceptable.


5. If You Can’t Turn The Phone Off Put It On Silent: If you can’t turn your phone off before a meeting or a social gathering it would be best to put it on vibrate or silent.


6. There Are Exceptions To The Previous Rule: If you fit into any of these categories then you’re an exception to the ruleIf you’re a first responder, a doctor, or a nurse. If you have a babysitter looking after your baby or a person with a caregiver. Or if you’re expecting emergency calls…


7. Please Excuse Me I have An Emergency: If you’re accepting any type of emergency call, you should quietly excuse yourself with an apology. For example, “I apologize, but this is very urgent, I will be back shortly.”


8. Respond Quickly If Someone Missed You: When you miss a text message, an email, or a call you should apologize for missing their message then respond appropriately in a timely manner.


9. Move Far Enough Away: Whether you’re taking a call or making a call. You should move far enough away so no one will see you making gestures with your hands or pacing back and forth while you’re having your conversation.


If you’re in a library, theatre, office, a place of worship, or a hospital you should go outside when responding to a call. You should avoid having confidential conversations when traveling with others in on a train, automobile, or plane.


10. Focus Your Attention Elsewhere: We have a tendency to spend too much time on our phones which directly impacts the number of things we can accomplish on a daily basis.


Woman On Computer

Make an effort to spend a certain amount of time every day focusing on something productive without constantly checking your phone.


Practice these tips as much as you can and they will become like second nature to you.



Cell Phone Etiquette

Now you know some great etiquette tips that you can use in your everyday life.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information.


Or if you would like to share some additional tips, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.




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