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iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max Review – A Phone With An Attractive Display

Bigger phones are more popular today than ever before, one complaint iPhone X user make about the phone is in regards to the size of the display screen. Many iPhone X...

iPhone XS review

iPhone XS Review – A Decent Upgrade

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have arrived, the iPhone XR will arrive in October. In this iPhone XS review, I will tell you about all the features and functionalities...

iPhone X small

iPhone X Review – A Much Needed Change

The iPhone X is finally here, Apple has been hyping this phone for quite a few months before it’s arrival. Apple put so much time and effort into hyping the iPhone...

iPhone 8 small

iPhone 8 Review – This Phone Has An Amazing Camera

The arrival of the iPhone 8 was not as highly anticipated as the previous iPhones. The arrival of this iPhone was overshadowed by the iPhone X. This happened because...

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus Review – A Great Phone That Performs Well

When it comes to the look and feel of the iPhone 7 Plus it has a few things in common with its sibling the iPhone 7. The headphone jacks have been removed in both...

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Review – It’s Fast, Attractive, And Efficient

The long-awaited iPhone 7 has finally arrived, smartphone enthusiasts have been speculating about this phone for quite some time now. The look and feel of the iPhone 7...