Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home


There are many factors in our society today that interferes with the quality of cell phone reception that you receive. I will tell you some things you can do to boost cell phone signal at home.


If you have poor cell phone reception at home there could be a number of different reasons for this. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the major reasons why you get bad cell phone reception and what you should do to improve it.

Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home:


Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home

The bars on your cell phone will give you an estimation of your signal strength but it’s not accurate. The amount of bars that you see on your phone is based on an algorithm that was developed by the manufacturer of your phone.


So this varies from one manufacturer to the other. If there was a set standard that all the cell phone manufacturers followed then you would have been able to rely on the number of bars you have on your phone as an accurate measurement of your signal strength.


A more accurate measurement for signal strength is the dB (decibel) or dBm (decibel-milliwatts).


If you have a high dB of -100 or higher this is considered a weak signal, and if you have a dB of -80 or lower that’s considered a strong signal.


The method of finding the dB will vary depending on what type of phone you have.


Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home

If you have an iPhone you must dial the following code *3001#12345#* doing this will allow you to enter the Field Test Mode.


Upon entering the Field Test Mode you must pull down the notification shade, and you will see the signal strength in the upper left-hand corner in exactly the same place where the bars were.


To find your signal strength on an Android phone you must go to Settings + About Phone + Network + SIM Status then you will see a display of your signal strength.


Find Out Where Your Signal Strength Is The Strongest:


After finding your signal strength you should walk around your home while monitoring the dB to find the areas where the signal strength is the strongest. This will help you to identify the places in your home where you will have the best reception.


Open A Window:


Many houses are made with materials in the wall and/or ceiling that will often interfere with the cell phone signal that you receive.


So you should locate an area in your home where the signal strength is the strongest that’s within close proximity of a window and open that window. Doing this will increase the signal strength that you receive.


Switch Your Cell Phone Service Provider:


Certain service providers have better reception in some places than others, in certain cases all you have to do to improve your signal strength is simply switch your service provider.


For example, I had Verizon Wireless service for many years and the service was not perfect by any means.


In certain places in my home, I would get a stronger signal strength than others, this is normal with any service provider. However, I never received any dropped calls and the call quality was always good.


I was happy with the service that I received from Verizon but Verizon is expensive. So in an effort to save some money I switched to Sprint, this ended up being a huge mistake.


Immediately upon using my new Sprint phone in my apartment, I noticed that the call quality was not very good, then a few days later I started receiving dropped calls.


I had to put up with this for two years, so at the end of my Sprint contract, I switched back to Verizon.


Get A Cell Phone Signal Booster:


Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home

Getting a signal booster such as the WeBoost Eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster is a great way to improve your signal strength. A signal booster will improve the network performance and connectivity.


If you’ve tried everything that I mentioned in this blog post and you still have a weak signal, you should consider getting a signal booster.


Now You Know How To Boost Cell Phone Signal At Home:


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



  1. Wow! Great article. I had no idea there was even such a thing! Haha. This should help me a lot in the future cause my phone is so out of date and I’m always losing signal or buffering! I had no idea a cell phone reception booster existed, might have to look into getting one now!

    • Hi TJ, cell phone signal boosters are not very popular for some reason or another they never advertise them on television. But if you have bad reception at home you can benefit from a cell phone signal booster.


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