BlackBerry Mercury (DTEK70) May Be Unveiled At CES 2017


The BlackBerry Mercury will be BlackBerry’s next smartphone. It is likely that the Mercury will be unveiled at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas Nevada in January. The Mercury will have a physical keyboard located directly below the display screen. And a fingerprint sensor which will be built into the space bar.

BlackBerry DTEK70BlackBerry made an announcement earlier this year stating that they will no longer manufacture their own smartphones. Instead, they will be licensing the BlackBerry name to a third-party smartphone manufacturer. Earlier this year the Chinese smartphone manufacturer TCL acquired global rights to the BlackBerry brand.


TCL has already produced 2 phones on behalf of BlackBerry, the DTEK50, and DTEK60. TCL will continue to produce phones on behalf of BlackBerry for a long time to come.


However, the Mercury will be the last phone that’s designed and manufactured by BlackBerry under the BlackBerry brand. The Mercury will combine Google’s Android operating system with a physical keyboard. However, this keyboard will not slide away.


What Will The BlackBerry Mercury (DTEK70) Look Like:


The Mercury will look very much like a traditional BlackBerry phone. It is expected to have a 4.5-inch Full HD display screen with 2.5D curved glass. A Snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.02GHz, 3GB of RAM. An 18-megapixel rear-facing camera and an 8-megapixel selfie camera.


A unique feature will be the fingerprint sensor that’s built into the space bar, it will be interesting to see this. A recent rumor indicates that the Mercury may be released as the DTEK70. But BlackBerry hasn’t confirmed any of this as yet. This information is based on information that was leaked to the general public.


What do you think about the Mercury / DTEK70? What do you think about the BlackBerry brand? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.





  1. Hello Marvin,

    From customer and public view, it is exciting to see a new phone being released in future with such great anticipation. But do you think it’s helpful from the brand’s perspective? What do you think?

    I am not a fan of phone keyboard because I personally think such buttons won’t work due to the blockage occurred under the button. Is it water proof by the way?

    • I think the Mercury will be great for the BlackBerry brand because if the phone does well more people will consider BlackBerry phones as a viable option in the future. I haven’t heard anything about the phone being water proof so I don’t think it is, but I could be wrong.


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