Best Time To Buy A Cell Phone In 2022


If you’re due for an upgrade and you would like to get a great deal on your next phone, you have to buy it at the right time. In this blog post, I will tell you the best time for buying a cell phone.


Best Time To Buy A Cell Phone In 2022 (iPhone 12 Pro)

Are You Thinking About Buying A New Phone?


If you’re trying to save some money it would be a mistake to buy the phone the day it goes on sale, patience is a virtue.


Phones have become more expensive within the past few years so I always try to avoid paying the full price on a new phone.


As a result of this, I have been closely monitoring the prices of phones to determine a good time to buy them.


If you would like to buy the best phone on a budget, I will provide some useful information you can use that will help you to determine the best time to buy it.


When Is The Best Time To Buy A Cell Phone In 2022?


  • Black Friday And Cyber Monday
  • One Month Before The Release Of A Newer Model
  • Within The Pre-Order Phase
  • Amazon Prime Day


Black Friday And Cyber Monday:


Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving every year, however, the sale is not just on Black Friday, but the day before, the day of, and the day after.


There’s an abundance of great Black Friday deals you can go to different retailers or you can look online if you prefer to avoid the large crowds, but either way, you will find lots of great deals.


There are lots of retailers who start offering great deals about one week prior to Black Friday, so you can start shopping around that time to get the best deals.


If you missed out on the Black Friday sale, there’s always Cyber Monday. You can get some great deals on Cyber Monday as well, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday.


One Month Before The Release Of A Newer Model:


The best time to buy the predecessor of the latest phone is within one or two months before the release of the newest model.


This is a great time because the retailers want to get rid of the older model so they offer discounts.


This is a great option for people who don’t mind buying the soon-to-be predecessor to the latest model.


Even though the phone was released a year ago, it’s still a decent phone in comparison to the latest model.


Within The Pre-Order Phase:


When you purchase a phone within the pre-order phase, you will be among the first people to own the phone and you will also save some money in the process.


There are two types of deals that you can get during the pre-order phase and these deals are typically offered on premium phones.


One deal gives you the ability to acquire some gift certificates and some free things with the purchase of the phone, the other deal is a discount on the phone.


You should check the prices at all the big retailers before making your purchase because some retailers may try to undermine their competitors in an effort to generate more pre-sales.


Buying a phone within the pre-order phase is a good option for people who want the newest phones with all the latest bells and whistles.


Amazon Prime Day:


You can get some great deals on Amazon Prime Day, this is a special savings event that takes place once-a-year that’s available exclusively for Amazon Prime members.


On Amazon Prime Day, Amazon offers lots of great deals on phones and just about everything else that it sells, this event does not take place at the same time every year so you must do some research to find out when it will take place.


This is Amazon’s way of showing its appreciation for Amazon Prime members. But if you’re not a member you can sign up for a free trial which will give you access to all the great deals without having to pay for an Amazon Prime membership.


Amazon Prime Day debuted as a 24-hour shopping event, but due to its popularity, Amazon extended the event to 48 hours. Amazon Prime Day takes place in lots of countries around the globe.


The Best Time To Buy A Samsung, Apple, Or Google Phone:


Now I will give you some tips that will help you to determine the best time to buy a phone from Samsung, Apple, or Google.


If you enjoy using phones from any of these manufacturers, you should follow the tips provided below to find the best time to buy your next phone.


When Is The Best Time To Buy A Samsung Galaxy Phone?


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung typically has two significant smartphone announcements every year. These announcements include the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S series in February and the Samsung Galaxy Note series in August.


The great thing about this is the fact that these phones normally become available for pre-order on the same day that they’re announced, this is normally about two weeks prior to the release date.


So if you would like to buy a new Samsung phone, you can get some decent pre-order deals during the initial launch period.


In addition to the pre-order deals, Samsung phones have a tendency to receive discounts in as little as two months after they have been released, you have to shop around to find these deals.


What I’m saying is, if you wait about two months after the release of a new Samsung phone you can get a decent discount when you make the purchase.


When Is The Best Time To Buy An iPhone?

iPhone 12 Pro Review
iPhone 12 Pro

Apple normally announces the arrival of its new iPhones in September and the iPhones typically go on sale within the same month.


However, there have been several cases in which the iPhone had been delayed until a later time in the year.


Nevertheless, iPhones seldomly go on sale so if you’re waiting for the right time to buy one, a great time to do so would be close to the release of a new model.


Upon the announcement of new iPhones, Apple has a history of reducing the price of the older iPhone models around the same time every year.


In general, you will not get a significant discount on new iPhones during their first year.


Nevertheless, cell phone carriers and retailers will further reduce the prices of iPhones that are at least one year old in preparation for events such as Click Frenzy and End of Financial Year Sales.


When Is The Best Time To Buy A Google Pixel Phone?

Google Pixel 4 Review
Google Pixel 4

Google Pixel phones are generally announced in October, you can get a great discount if you buy a new Google Pixel phone within the first month of its launch.


In addition to this, you can also get some great pre-order discounts if you purchase the phone via a cell phone carrier.


You have to decide whether you would like to get the phone as fast as possible or if you would like to wait a little longer and get a bigger discount.


For example, approximately one week after the Google Pixel 4 was released Amazon offered a $100 discount.


Then when Black Friday arrived the following month after the Pixel was released, Amazon offered an additional $100 discount.


So that was a $200 discount approximately two months after the phone was released.


Some Additional Tips To Help You To Find The Best Deal:


Sometimes You Have To Shop Around:


It’s always a great idea to shop around if you’re looking for a good deal. To find the best discount, you should visit as many online stores as possible at the appropriate time, depending on what type of phone you would like to buy.


How To Determine Whether Or Not You’re Getting A Great Deal?


When you’re shopping for a new phone you may find some deals in which you can get $200 or $300 off the retail price. This may seem like a great deal, sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn’t.


There are some retailers who significantly increase the prices a few days before lowering them again by several hundred dollars to make you believe that you’re getting a great deal, but you’re not.


On other occasions, the list price appears to be inflated, this was probably done to make the discounted price appear to be a bargain.


This is something that Amazon and some of the other big retailers do, you should be aware of this when you’re shopping for a new phone. The best way to determine whether or not you’re getting a great deal is to use a price tracker.


A price tracker will show you the price history of a phone, you will be able to see how the price of a phone has changed over time.


You Should Use A Price Comparison Tool:


It’s essential to use a price comparison tool because this will give you the ability to compare the price of a phone from multiple retailers.


There are lots of price comparison tools that you can use, you should do some research to find the best one for you.


Now You Know The Best Time To Buy A Cell Phone:


I hope the information I provided here will help you to find the best deal on your next phone.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information or if you would like to share some additional tips, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.


  1. Hi, Marvin!

    In my opinion, one should buy a phone every two years. Most mobile operators/carriers have two-year contracts, and manufacturers know that and adjust their production accordingly. In that sense, a previous year’s device can be much cheaper and not much different from the current, more expensive model.
    Many flagship models prices decrease significantly 6 months after the release, so waiting might be worth it, if the price is a significant purchasing factor.

    • Thanks Marios, you made a few valid points but some people believe two years is too long to hold on to the same phone because they would like to have the absolute best phone on the market with the latest features and functionalities.

  2. I often have this debate between myself! Is it worth waiting for the latest or getting a more economical phone that I can afford and it will be just as good. I need a new phone and i still haven’t decided what to do. One of my biggest pulls to a new phone is that the camera is always better. I work a lot from my phone and a lot of the images I take I put on my social media so a good camera is really a must for me. And a new phone always has a better camera. Hmm….and I’ll probably end up waiting some more!

    • Thanks for the feedback Hollie, so you spend lots of time working on your phone… Well if you’re happy with the quality of photos that you’re getting from your phone then there’s no need to upgrade. However, if you think some of the newer flagship phones on the market will take significantly better pictures, then it may be time to upgrade.


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