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Best Samsung Phone On The Market For 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 The Best Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8 Best Samsung Phone


In 2017 we saw a handful of high-quality smartphones from just about every major smartphone manufacturer. One of the biggest contenders was the Samsung Galaxy S8. Not only was it one of the best phones of the year, it is the best Samsung phone yet. Let’s take a look at the phone and see why it’s the best phone that the company has made thus far.


What the Galaxy S8 did for Samsung’s phone line was introduce a bezel that was barely there. While there is still a noticeable bezel, it is far less noticeable. This is often referred to as Samsung edge to edge display.


Samsung was the first major smartphone manufacturer to make a smartphone with the edge to edge display. This is something that many smartphone users like about the Galaxy S line of phones. Now the edge to edge display is becoming very popular among other smartphone manufacturers.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Hardware


The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8in Quad HD Super AMOLED display screen with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio. That’s a tall display screen in comparison to some of the other smartphones that are currently on the market.


Along with that is 4GB of RAM to ensure that the user can simultaneously use multiple applications while the phone remains fast and responsive.


Unlike some of the other phones on the market, the Galaxy S8 comes with only one size option: 64 GB of internal storage. That might be less internal storage than some of the other smartphones out there.


However, with the Galaxy S8, the user has the ability to store all of their information on the cloud while keeping the apps that they would like to use on their phone.


As a result of this, the 64GB is more than enough internal storage for the average smartphone user. But if you need more internal storage you should know that the Galaxy S8 comes equipped with a SIM tray which houses a microSD card slot which allows you to expand the storage capacity up to 256GB.


Depending on the exact model that you get, you will find that your Galaxy S8 is powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895. These are two of the best processors on the market today.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera


Having a phone with a great camera is very important to many smartphone users today. Because many people enjoy taking photos with their smartphones.


The Galaxy S8 does not disappoint in this area. It has an 8 MP selfie camera with autofocus and an f-stop of 1.7. On the back, you will find an amazing 12 MP dual pixel camera with a f/1.7 aperture.This phone takes great pictures, you will be extremely happy with the quality of photos.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Fast Charging


The Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung phone to use a new Type C USB port. This port allows you to plug the cable in, in any direction. No more hunting to get the direction of the cable right. The cable also gives you the ability to fast charge the phone. You can charge the phone from 0 to 100% in under 2 hours.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging


Wireless charging is fully supported by the Galaxy S8. That includes Qi Fast Charge and Powermat compatibility. There are many wireless charging options for the Galaxy S8 on the market, from manufacturer made devices to ones made by third parties.


The last physical feature to take note of is the ability to use Samsung Pay. Unlike the major competitor Apple Pay, Samsung devices can be used to pay at just about any register that takes a standard card. It emits a magnetic signal similar to that of a card that is extremely localized to protect your information.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Software


The software on the Galaxy S8 has been refined. The Galaxy S8 has a new layout and the home button is now located on the display screen. This is a virtual button which produces haptic feedback when pressed. When the phone is asleep a solid press on the square at the bottom of the display screen will wake it up.


The icons have a new look and feel to them and you can download custom themes for the Galaxy S8 from the Samsung Store. Bixby is a new AI feature which debuted on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Samsung created Bixby to compete with Apple’s Siri.


There are two models of the Galaxy S8, there’s the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. The main difference is that the Galaxy S8 Plus has a larger screen and it has a slightly smaller battery. The display screen on the Galaxy S8 Plus is slightly bigger at 6.2 inches.


With all of these amazing features, the Galaxy S8 is one amazing phone. It is the best Samsung phone yet. I believe that it even beats out the Galaxy Note 8 because the size is more manageable for those who want a pocketable phone, and it’s easier to hold it and use it in one hand in comparison to the Galaxy Note 8.


So if you’re looking for a strong contender in the Android smartphone world, you should consider getting the Galaxy S8. Read my full in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to find out more about why this is the best Samsung phone on the market.


Please come back and check this page regularly because I will be updating it in the near future upon the arrival of a better Samsung phone.