Best Places To Buy Refurbished Phones iPhones & Android

New phones with the latest features and functionalities are constantly being released to the general public.

Best Places To Buy Refurbished Phones

We all would like to have one of the latest phones. However, some of these phones can be quite expensive, but if you got a refurbished phone it would be significantly cheaper. In this blog post, I will let you know some great places to buy refurbished phones.

What Is A Refurbished Phone?


A refurbished phone is a phone that was previously owned which was returned to the manufacturer to be fixed and restored to its original state.


If you’re on a tight budget and you’re trying to save some money you should consider opting for a refurbished phone.


Are Refurbished Phones Good?


Refurbished phones are good because they have been repaired and tested. There are quite a few good retailers which sell good refurbished phones, I will list them a little later on in this blog post. If you get a manufacturer refurbished phone you may be able to get a warranty with it.


Should You Buy A Refurbished Phone?


If you would like to get a phone at a fraction of the price then you should consider getting a refurbished phone. Here are two good reasons why you should consider getting a refurbished phone:


  • A refurbished phone will work exactly the way a new phone does but it will cost you significantly less money.
  • If you buy a new phone at full price after you use it once, the value will be depreciated because the phone will be considered a used phone.


Best Places To Buy Refurbished Phones Are:

Best Places To Buy Refurbished Phones iPhones & Android


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy


Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world, at you will find a wide variety of refurbished phones to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an Android phone or an iPhone you will find it on at a reasonable price.


One of the main reasons that Amazon is so popular is the fact that they deliver products extremely fast and if you decide that you would like to get a refund the procedure is simple.


eBay is another great online resource to buy refurbished phones, eBay has a wide variety of phones to choose from.


However, if you’re not familiar with eBay you must know that you should only buy from reputable sellers. Make sure the seller has a good rating before making your purchase.


If the seller is relatively new and they have little or no ratings you should not buy anything from them.


Walmart is a good retailer which sells refurbished phones at reasonable prices. If you live close to Walmart you can go in and take a look at some of their refurbished phones in person before making your final decision.


However, you can also go to their website to find your ideal phone if you do not live in close proximity to Walmart.


Best Buy is a large retailer which sells refurbished phones, whether you’re interested in buying a new refurbished phone or a slightly older one, you can find it at Best Buy.


You will find some of the best-refurbished premium phones on the market at Best Buy and they offer free shipping.


Open Box Phones At Best Buy:


Best Places To Buy Refurbished Phones


Aside from the refurbished phones, you can also get some great open-box phones at Best Buy.


These open-box deals are great because the phones have been purchased and opened but they have never been used. This is another way you can get your ideal phone at a fraction of the price.


If you’re unsure what cell phone you would like to buy you should read some of my cell phone reviews before making your final decision.


This concludes my list of the best places to buy refurbished phones. If you have any experience with buying refurbished phones from any of these retailers, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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